Sunday Night in semi-final crossfire

The MasterChef semi-final was unable to diminish the ride by Australian Ninja Warrior with Nine’s show almost twice the size of TEN’s reality contest.

Ninja Warrior drew another 1.75m viewers ahead of 953,000 for MasterChef, while Sunday Night‘s interview with Bernard Tomic was 792,000.

Nine Network won Sunday with a huge 37.0% share then Seven 25.5%, TEN 18.7%, ABC 13.7% and SBS 5.1%.

Australian Ninja Warrior was #1 with 1.75m for Nine then Nine News (1.23m), 60 Minutes (1.03m) and Killer Women with Piers Morgan was 475,000.

Seven News (1.22m) was best for Seven then Sunday Night (792,000), Border Security (527,000), and movie: Avengers: Age of Ultron (357,000).

MasterChef Australia (953,000), Bull (416,000), Modern Family (355,000 / 258,000), TEN Eyewitness News (305,000), and Family Feud (248,000) comprised TEN’s night.  NCIS: New Orleans was 221,000.

ABC News (686,000) was best for ABC then Grand Designs NZ (508,000) and Poldark (481,000). A Death in Paradise repeat was 318,000.

On SBS it was Treasures Decoded (212,000),  SBS World News (164,000), We Don’t Need a Map (88,000). Tour de France Live drew 80,000.

ABC2’s Kazoops topped multichannels with 195,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 23 July 2017


  1. at least Tomic has been honest, i dare say there are other high level players who feel the same or are mainly in it for the money but don’t have the guts to say so. The way i see it, he is a product of what happens when parents push their kids too much. Of course when he was 12 he said he loved tennis, a large part of that would’ve been he could see how happy it made his dad, kids always like to please their parents.
    Back to topic of ratings, i’m honestly shocked Ninja Warrior has been a ratings hit since its little more than a more serious version of Wipeout, maybe that’s what appeals. But please 9, do we have to put up with endless encores every other day/night??

  2. I watched the start of Tomic whilst waiting for MC. Not a fan of the interview, little to no follow up to his obviously rehearsed answers. I wonder how much they paid him for it?

  3. What a cracking episode of Poldark last night !
    Jack Farthing was absolutely rivetting as evil George and Aunt Agatha and the slimey, toe-sucking Mr Whitworth were magnificent in this ep. Some genuinely funny, laugh out loud moments hilarious funny too.

    • Good to know! I’m yet to watch last nights episodes due to clashes and instead pvr todays replay. I’m enjoying this season and feel its better than last.

      • Watched last nights episode and the toe sucking was just gross. Its an image I wish I never saw. George is such a little boy. So unsure of himself and tries to prove himself by using evil.

    • Glad that there are still people enjoying it. Unfortunately, the series has deteriorated so badly from the quality of the real story, that many are turning away. But I agree, Jack Farthing and Caroline Blakiston (George and Agatha) are putting in stellar performances.

  4. TEN would be seriously disappointed that with MC averaging over 900k, they’re losing over 500k of them for Bull – same as last week. They need something much stronger, given that Survivor will probably do strong numbers in the coming weeks.

  5. jezza the first original one

    I watched the Tomic thing while waiting for MC to start. It was as poor as Tomic’s tennis on a bad day, I thought Mel Doyle’s interview was feeble and gave Mr T a free ride. There was a question where she asked about people who had saved up and were going to watch him, he replied don’t come. watch it on tv its free. Where was the follow up q? “what about the poor folk who have already paid and you serve up a performance like that, what about them?”..and then it was padded out with historical video clips, we must have seen the yellow Ferrari 10 times. Poor effort Sunday Night….at least MC was great

    • Bruce Banner

      I view this issue the same as if you go and see a concert and the performer isn’t up to scratch on that particular day. You don’t get your money back and if you worry about future performances, you don’t pay to go and watch.

      Tennis at the end of the day is a solo sport – sure, he’s “representing” Australia as far as he is an Australian playing tennis on a world stage, but he is playing for himself in the end, and it’s just a job to him. Like 99.9% of the rest of the work force in Australia, we have our good days and bad days, and some days we don’t feel like being there – yet our poor performances aren’t broadcast and analysed by the rest of the world.

      • Completely agree, Bruce. Tennis, like golf, is a solo sport. These players are first and foremost playing for themselves at Grand Slam tournaments. They are not officially representing Australia and to them, it is their day job. I think the fuss made about Tomic’s comments has been blown completely out of proportion. Given that playing tennis day in, day out for 10-11 months per year is his fulltime job, I fail to see why he cannot admit to getting bored with it and over it. We all feel the same about our jobs, and we can say it without the sky falling in on top of us. I thought the interview was well done and I thought he came across well for 80 percent of it, to be honest.

        • Secret Squïrrel

          I tend to agree with the general thrust of your comments. However, Tomic has received significant funding from Tennis Australia during his career, some of which has been provided under the auspices of programs or grants from various government agencies using public money.

          He has also represented Australia at the 2012 Olympics and the Davis Cup so I think people have a right to expect a better return on investment (or at least a better attitude from Tomic) than they have received.

          People are also justified in being disappointed or angry if they pay money to see a sporting contest and one side phones it in and is then dismissive of their response.

          People love a trier even if they end up soundly beaten. An entitled A-hole, not so much.

      • jezza the first original one

        I was not impressed with SN rather than Bernie. I think BT is just a journeyman tennis player lacking the drive and ambition to win a grand slam

        • mateo_mathieu

          You missed the point. Tennis is a lonely sport, probably the most lonely. I wouldn’t encourage people to play tennis. This coming from a tennis fan. Many great tennis players including Steffi Graf and Serena Williams said they would not wish on their (and future) children to play tennis. It’s not as glamorous as you think.

  6. MasterChef semi was absolutely riveting viewing last night!

    It was the biggest Sunday episode of the year.

    In a year where audiences continue to decline, especially for established realities (watch out The Block!)

    • mateo_mathieu

      You know him, but not his story. Watch it. You will change your opinion of this guy. Trust me. Many people on Sunday Night’s Facebook page said the same.

    • Bruce Banner

      I find him a refreshingly honest sportsperson. Agree or disagree with his actions or what comes out of his mouth, he doesn’t make out to be anyone that he isn’t.

      • jezza the first original one

        It was a poor segment that just gave Bernie a free ride. He is just an average circuit player and you can earn a lot of $$$ being average in golf or tennis. Some folk have the ambition, skill and desire to win the big tournaments, he doesn’t seem to. Nothing wrong in that, but it made the whole segment a bit average and pointless….

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