The State: trailer

Powerful trailer released for a UK drama about 4 Britons who have left their lives behind to join ISIS.


Take a look at this trailer for The State, an upcoming drama from Channel 4 / National Geographic, about 4 Britons who have left their lives behind to join ISIS in Raqqah, Syria.

The 4 part fictional story is written and directed by Peter Kosminsky (Wolf Hall, The Government Inspector).

An Australian airdate on National Geographic has not yet been announced.

Jalal (Sam Otto – Collateral) is following in his older brother’s footsteps in deciding to travel to Syria and fight for ISIS, and has persuaded his best friend Ziyaad (Ryan McKen – Bancroft, NW) to accompany him. Single mother Shakira (Ony Uhiara –Law and Order) arrives in Syria with her nine-year-old son Isaac, determined to bring her skills as a junior doctor to the aid of the Islamic State; and teenager Ushna (Shavani Seth – Youngers, Homeland) has left her family behind to fulfil what she sees as her religious duty after being radicalised on the internet.

As they experience more of the realities of life in Raqqah, witnessing horrific atrocities carried out by the regime and the bloody aftermath of air strikes, their journeys diverge – into disillusionment and despair on the one hand and increasing commitment to the Caliphate on the other.

Peter Kosminsky said: “ISIS and its adherents have caused pain and suffering the world over. But unless we understand why some of our young men and women chose to give up the lives they were living and travel to Syria, why men and women born and brought up in our liberal democracies opt to lay down those lives in its name, how can we ever hope to combat its nihilistic creed? Based on detailed and extensive research, carried out over many months, “The State” is an attempt to grapple with these questions, to address through drama one of the most troubling issues of our age.”

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