Yummy Mummies ratings ….but wait there’s more.

Did 755,000 metro viewers really watch Seven’s Yummy Mummies premiere?

The answer requires a bit more work than just a quick glance at OzTAM’s rankings, which includes preliminary numbers and is subject to factors such as coding and overruns.

The OzTAM number is based on the show’s scheduled playout as a 9pm Sunday start. A second number of 428,000 applies for “episode 2” which was scheduled at 9:45pm -that’s despite EPGs and previews indicating one 90 minute episode.

In reality the show didn’t start until 9:16pm. The 755,000 preliminary figure applies to what screened on Sunday between 9pm and 9:45pm, including the final 16 minutes of the House Rules grand final.

Based on that time the show actually aired from (9:16pm to 10:41pm) averaged closer to 455,000, still not disastrous given its late start.

Or to be generous its two codings will be adjusted to around  493,000 / 415,000.

Minute by minute figures reflect the caning show got on social media.

At 9:15pm there were 1.115m viewers as the House Rules credits rolled. Five minutes later it had plummeted to 585,000 viewers. By 9:31pm there were 420,000 left, 229,000 of them who stayed until the end.

Adjusted figures aren’t normally available until after headlines have gone out so with a bit of creativity, networks can assist the story with their best foot forward.


  1. I don’t think Seven execs have realised just how much damage this show has done to the network’s image and reputation, especially launching on the same night as Ninja Warrior. Nine is now seen as the clean network promoting healthy lifestyles and values whereas Seven is the fat, unhealthy network mired in female bitchiness. It might take years for Seven to shake off that terrible image.

  2. Armchair Analyst

    I know this show has gotten flack and for good reason but i still found it funny because it was so stupid and OTT. probably will watch this show sparodically at best. is funny but it does get dull eventually. Because its the same type of stupidity and self absorption.

  3. Taking into account cost of production the ROI on these shows is probably pretty good. Yes Ninja and The Voice delivers good ratings but they also cost millions of dollars both in the production and marketing.

    Shows that do in the 500 range but are cheap to produce certainly have a place on FTA TV.

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