Yummy Mummies

Here comes 58 minutes of your life you won't get back (90 with ads).

Ok we can do this really quickly…. unlike the show itself.

Firstly, I accept I am not the audience for Yummy Mummies so this review comes with some context.

Secondly, Seven marketing has already declared Yummy Mummies as “controversial” before it even airs, so I have no qualms in adding to that.

Thirdly, Yummy Mummies is 58 minutes of your life you will never get back. 90 minutes if you include ads. It’s possibly the worst show I have seen this year, and I had to sit through The Last Resort.

I struggled to find any redeeming qualities in this, which feels like content built around someone’s idea of a title. Ok wait, at least it avoids the Real Housewives of Sydney abuse, I guess that’s something.

The ‘premise’ is three expectant young mothers from Melbourne who have it all,  but want to out-do another in Adelaide. That means the best baby shower, the best of every vomitous, designer accessory that would feed a third world country for a week. Yet it fails to explain why.

There’s no basic storytelling to explain why three women want to compete with someone they have never met, in a ‘competition’ that doesn’t exist in the first place. Indeed, I don’t especially remember it even explaining how the three Melburnians came to be friends? Met in the Seven casting office, perhaps?

In one ridiculous scene, Adelaide’s Maria Digeronimo feigns surprise when shown a Yummy Mummies Instagram account by Lorinska Merrington, Rachel Watts & Jane Scandizzo… as if it’s something she’s never heard of before. That’s despite the fact Yummy Mummies cameras have been following her around for their banal footage. Seriously…

She invites them to her baby shower to show off… predictably they accept and hey presto we have a series. Maria’s over-the-top mother Margherita is on hand with Versace, flowers, Versace, champers (is that actually safe?), and more Versace to create mother / daughter tension. Maria makes endless petulant demands of everybody around her. Hormonal? Doubtful. Spoiled brat? You decide.

It’s not clear why producers have cast 4 of the same thing in this pointless, grotesque diversion, which presumably is pitching for a Real Housewives audience. But it lacks humour which is essential to the genre. People acting up for the sake of cameras is not Television. It’s masturbation.

The scary part is self-obsessed women are bringing children into the world, but I won’t be hanging around long enough to see if any perspective or humility arrives with their placenta. This only gets half a star for the thankless crew who at least framed the scenes so that we can see what a travesty it is.

Yummy Mummies makes Brynne: My Bedazzled Life look like Meryl Streep. You can put that on the promo.

Yummy Mummies airs 9pm Sunday on Seven.

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  1. I’m partial to watching programs that I don’t like admitting to but this one isn’t making it onto the list. It will be interesting to see just how poorly it rates.

  2. After reading your weekly newsletter. I decided to read your review. Yes your self plug worked.
    It’s a shame you had to watch it, but that review is gold! I love that you don’t hold back!

  3. Fantastic review, I have not seen it but I respect your opinion David, and thanks from me. I do not usually go on reviews but the endless promos have already turned me off.

  4. Channel 7 really is running out of programs suddenly repeats of the repeats of The Big Bang Theory seem more entertaining. Sundays nights used to be a good night of TV in Australia now not so much as networks only care about beating the opposition not about entertaining viewers.

  5. Trash TV at its very best….it looks bad, it sounds bad…..it’s gonna be bad. I would have liked it to be a bit more scandalous, ie guess the dad from several blokes, but hey we can’t have it all eh?

  6. It’s obvious what’s happened here. Someone has said “I’ve got a great idea for a TV show. It’s called ‘Yummy Mummies'”. And then someone else has been given the job of making it based on that flimsy premise. Remember, this has been given the green light to produce and again to broadcast after someone has seen how awful and nasty The Real Housewives of Sydney is.

    I suppose, since it’s obviously been created from someone’s idea for a catchy title, we could have gotten a show about eating embalmed animals but I think that would have been better than this.

    1. To be fair it was filmed last year before Real Housewives of Sydney hit our screens. Seven showed footage at their Upfronts. I always encourage readers to make up their own mind. Mine is but one opinion, but I try to be authentic with my viewing experience.

      1. Thanks for the clarification. I agree, we all have different tastes and I know that there are some shows that you like which I don’t and vice versa.

        However, I have found that your reviews are an accurate representation of the supplied material so that, even if I would disagree with the number of stars given, your statements about the content are on the money.

        Plus, even with really terrible shows, you still look for a redeeming feature. The fact that, in this case, you didn’t find one says it all for me.

  7. David, you have said it all. I can’t add much to that, except to ask what is Channel 7 playing at?
    We lose “Sunday Night” for this rubbish? Can’t wait to see how it rates.

  8. Whenever I pan a show it is usually a huge hit but I can’t see this show catching on. It seems to be Real Housewives with babies. Also it is up against Nine’s Ninja Warrior on Sunday night. When it comes to a choice between watching women with distended bellies and fit and toned athletes I know what I’ll be watching.

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