Airdate: Heroes

ABC will screen a documentary on the history-making first AFL Women’s season.

ABC will screen Heroes, a documentary on the history-making first AFL Women’s season.

Set to air during the AFL’s ‘Celebration of Football’ week, which features the AFL Women’s State of Origin match, this is produced by Her Films’ Nicole Minchin and Angela Pippos.

The AFL Women’s competition is at the forefront of an extraordinary transformation taking place in Australian sport. Over eight intense weeks in early 2017, the players of AFLW shook up the masculine sporting landscape with their own style of football, smashed stereotypes and inspired a generation of girls, changing Australian sport and society forever.

Fans around the country flocked to see the newly formed teams go head to head, with the very first AFLW match between Carlton and Collingwood at Princes Park a lock-out. Thousands were turned away!

In such a short season every win and loss is magnified. On top of their training and match day commitments the players juggle work and study. It’s a very different life to an AFL player.

Featuring candid interviews with leading players including; Sarah Perkins, Darcy Vescio, Ellie Blackburn, Daisy Pearce and, captains, coaches and AFL boss Gillon McLachlan, Heroes showcases the drama, passion and dedication of Australia’s first AFL Women’s competition. With exclusive access to the inner sanctum the documentary takes us into the dynamic world of Women’s AFL, and introduces the new Heroes of the game.

Heroes is a Her Films production made with the assistance of the ABC, Screen Australia and Film Victoria.

Her Films was established by producer Nicole Minchin and journalist Angela Pippos to create powerful documentaries about women. Throughout history the stories of women have largely been invisible – sidelined, ignored or forgotten. With its focus on storytelling, creativity and equality, Her Films’ objective is to entertain, inspire and bring about social change.

Production Credits: Her Films in association with ABC, Screen Australia and Film Victoria. Directors & Producers Nicole Minchin and Angela Pippos. ABC Commissioning Editor Julie Hanna.

Thursday 31st August at 9.30pm on ABC.

8 Responses

  1. Wow, not sure about heroes but there is certainly plenty of hyperbole.

    “…changing Australian sport and society forever.”

    Really? Someone should tell the W-league to pull their collective socks up as they’ve only had a national competition since 2008.

  2. I hope they will explain why they sold the whole game short by making the entire season only 8 games & entirely free. Isn’t that just an saying that the games were not good enough to pay to see? Plus the took so many players from other sports that it meant that they probably overlooked players who had been playing AFL all their lives.

  3. What a terrible name for a show about some women playing semi professional sport.

    I wonder what they would call a show about men or mixed sexes who risked life and limb when not expected to do so.

      1. They are women but didn’t save anyone’s lives at risk to their own. I can live with “Sports/AFL Heroines” which makes that clear.

        We shouldn’t debase the words hero, heroine, heroes and heroines, because we have nothing to replace them with.

      2. I find it utterly bizarre that the programme only exists because of women playing a usually male game, yet they refuse to use the feminine heroine. This is undoubtedly because they think, “there is no difference between men and women”, in which case women’s AFL isn’t a big deal and there shouldn’t be a programme.

        If those associated with the show have any self awareness, they laughed at themselves in contempt over that.

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