Airdate: Love It or List It Australia

New LifeStyle series Love It or List It Australia begins in late September with Andrew Winter and Neale Whittaker meeting home-owners trying to decide between a renovation or sale.

The series is based on the Canadian format which began in 2008 and has spawned international off-shoots.

Love It or List It comes to Australia in a brand new series featuring hosts Andrew Winter (Selling Houses Australia) and Neale Whittaker (The Block; Editor of Vogue Living) as they help home owners across the country with one of life’s biggest dilemmas… to renovate and love the home you are in; or to sell up and find a new dream home somewhere else.

Andrew and Neale are battling for the hearts and heads of our homeowners as they try to discover what’s best for the family. A compelling mixture of enlightening renovations, property searches and good-natured competition between our hosts, creates a hugely entertaining series in which you’ll be intrigued to find out if they Love It… or, if they List It.

Wednesdays from September 27 at 8.30pm on LifeStyle.

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  1. thedirtydigger

    I thought Neale had stepped down as Editor of Vogue Living ? And can’t the Foxtel Programmers actually come up with some brand new content ideas , not just endless re-treads of ageing (mostly UK sourced formats like Selling Houses, Location Location, Bakeoff, River Cottage ) ? Just lazy or no idea ?

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