Audience Inventory 2017: survey starts here!

The 9th Audience Inventory opens for business today –TV Tonight‘s annual stocktake on Free to Air, Pay TV and Streaming!

This isn’t a survey about what you watch, but how you watch.

It’s your chance to spill on your viewing habits, devices, grievances and more. You will be asked your thoughts on:

  • Catch-up TV
  • EPGs
  • Most reliable network
  • Multichannels
  • Fast-tracking
  • HD
  • Public broadcasters
  • Children’s TV
  • and more…..

It’s important to attract as many completed surveys as possible (over 1000 completed last year). Over time the results indicate many viewer trends.

But remember, this is no quick “Yes / No” vote, unlike that other expensive government survey! There are over 40 detailed questions and it will take you over 10 minutes to complete, so be sure you set some time aside.

Survey closes 6pm Friday 8 September  2017.


  1. Survey completed. A bit perplexed by the question “More Aussie content on Digital Channels”. Now that analogue tv is the age of the dinosaur, does that mean all channels, or all channels other than the primary channel.

  2. Q34 What is more offensive, for me it was None but elaborating more I find the decisions of TV programmers more offensive then sexual content and violence.

  3. Just from my own experience filling these surveys out I found FTA has gone leaps and bound ahead of Foxtel who don’t seem to be listening to us

  4. I am generously going from memory about which channels I watch regularly. If I were going by the current TV drought, it would only be my daily news channel.

    Q16 etc. should have “don’t know” for an answer. My answer of sbs is a wild shot in the dark and completely unreliable.

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