Bachelor scores for TEN but Wrong Girl has modest return

Ratings: TEN reality wins its slot & tops demos before losing a big chunk of the crowd thereafter.

TEN’s Bachelor was the top show in entertainment stakes last night at 736,000 viewers. It was down on last week’s 787,000 but it still topped all 3 demos.

The news was less encouraging for the return of The Wrong Girl. In a new Thursday night slot it was back with 391,000 viewers. It’s hard to compare directly with the competition given Nine and Seven both had various shows in various cities by then. But a 345,000 drop is concerning from what is essentially a lead-in appealing to the same audience.

Pulse slipped again for ABC, from 413,000 to 392,000.

Nine News and ACA won slots for Nine before a Footy Show telethon and NRL kicked in.

The Chase held its slot for Seven with Home and Away the second-most popular entertainment show of the night.

Nine network won Thursday with 30.4% then Seven 26.4%, TEN 20.0%, ABC 15.9% and SBS 7.3%.

Nine News was #1 for Nine with 979,000 / 952,000 followed by A Current Affair (891,000), Thursday Night NRL (508,000 in 2 cities), Hot Seat (506,000 / 287,000) and the AFL Footy Show (324,000 in 3 cities). NRL Footy Show was 174,000 in 2 cities.

Seven News (932,000 / 904,000) was best for Seven followed by Home and Away (631,000), The Chase (571,000 / 405,000), Make you LOL (449,000) and World’s Deadliest Weather (337,000). The Front Bar was 244,000 in 2 cities.

The Bachelor (736,000) led for TEN followed by The Project (614,000 / 402,000), TEN Eyewitness News (433,000), The Wrong Girl (391,000) and Family Feud (347,000). Common Sense wrapped with just 194,000.

ABC News (668,000), 7:30 (497,000), Pulse (392,000), Short Cuts to Glory: Matt Okine vs Food (338,000) and Conviction (223,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Great British Railway Journeys (338,000), Gourmet Farmer (266,000), Sugar Crash (194,000), SBS World News (133,000), River Cottage Australia (114,000) and Versailles (99,000).

Peppa Pig topped multichannels with 263,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 24 August 2017

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  1. Speaking of a dog’s breakfast did anyone else think Top Of The Lake China Girl was pretty lame ?
    Some of the scripting was just amateur, the over long set ups…the try hard hipness of The Detective’s guitar strumming brother ( and the scene where she starts drinking in her bedroom, then cut to Elizabeth Moss surrounded by about a dozen artfully directed empty beer bottles…and the older Nutty Professor Lover of her daughter and the dumb diner table altercation with Nicole Kidman etc etc ….its just try hard and badly put together. Anyone else concur ?

    1. Puts up hand! ….. It is one cliche after the other, it doesn’t have one story, it has several bad stories vying for attention…… the only character i like is the guy in the morgue. Basically the first one was bad but it had the saving grace of the scenery …… this is shot in the dark!

  2. The script of Wrong Girl last night seemed to be written by a teenager & the wonderful cast seemed to have been told to act like they are in a children’s series. Very disappointing.

  3. I cannot for the life of me understand why Ten put wrong girl on a Thursday night. It is a poor audience night and it is up against sport shows. Why not try it at 7.30pm on Tues

    1. It moved from Wednesdays to avoid clash with Doctor Doctor. It has long been TEN’s preferred drama slot but Nine took them on last year and won. For a show that is still building a following that’s a big risk for TWG (ie. Offspring is more established and ends next week). I don’t recall the last time a drama was on at 7:30 on a primary channel.

      1. Channel 7 tried that twice a week drama ‘headland’ over summer some time ago at 7.30. I seem to recall a short lived period drama starring Dan McPherson as well?

  4. “The news was less encouraging for the return of The Wrong Girl…Pulse slipped again for ABC…”

    The moral of the story – stop making lame, dopey soap operas. Surely we can come up with something more adventurous than these types of shows?

    1. A lot of melodramas around at present. TEN has Wake in Fright coming, looking forward to that. Glitch back shortly. Seven’s true crime Blue Murder deserved better, it wasn’t perfect but Roxburgh always a knockout. Top of the Lake is on BBC First, Sunshine coming from SBS. To be fair Cleverman ended about 2 weeks ago, more adventurous but with problems. We should also acknowledge Timeshifted numbers are strong for almost all dramas, and to look beyond Overnights.

      1. Wake in Fright looks intriguing (I love the movie), but it’s written, directed and acted by the same old faces who are responsible for previous televisual atrocities, so it’s probably going to be over-cooked melodrama.

        Glitch is a soap opera, plain and simple. For a show that’s marketed as genre, it sure does involve a lot of people sitting around talking about marital infidelity.

          1. Netflix is now funding Glitch and put production on hold for 12 months to fix S2. S1 was more B grade SF and we don’t know what S2 will be.

          2. 2 yrs is pretty standard for drama unless you go into development before S1 goes to air. Production is now finished. Netflix is one of several key investors. Starts on ABC next months and Netflix soon (ex-AU).

  5. Jen has left the mansion and the bach has lost the standout character in the show. I will lose interest now as it gets all lovey dovey and at times cringeworthy. Jen, for me, is by far the best and ticks all the boxes….good on her for making this year so entertaining…

    1. Yes Jen was fantastic again last night. I found it interesting listening to the producer talk to her, she was clearly ‘pumping up Jen’s tyres’ so to speak, they certainly know she’s a ratings winner.

      1. Happy to see it go, it just didn’t have the appeal or charisma of Gogglebox. Speaking of, I would quite happily watch that every week, all year round. Maybe they could consider getting more families to ease the burden of filming and screen it all year.

  6. The Wrong Girl is a bit like Wonderland. Youngish characters acting out plots hatched after 8pm on talk radio with a couple of vinyl records in the background for the sake of hipness. Either it has to move to the right or to the left. The middle ground just ain’t working.

    1. Personally i really enjoyed Wonderland and wanted a fourth season at least. The Wrong Girl i gave up a few episodes in. Wasn’t a fan of Packed to the Rafters so the lead is probably turning me off.

    1. Drama viewing is down, the only viewing that is rising is unscripted content. Foreign drama is falling faster than local drama. But Local drama, since its mandated in the license conditions, can’t die it only become undead.

  7. I was a huge fan of The Wrong Girl season 1, however the jury is out for me in regards to season 2. I found last nights episode boring, storyline was lacking anything interesting and it’s hard to understand how the show is going to progress as no major storylines were mentioned, it was a bit of a dogs breakfast.

    1. Agree last night’s ep of The Wrong Girl was a bit underwhelming.
      Yes, hasn’t seemed to move forward in any way and just going over the same old ground in this first instalment.
      But I do like many of the characters so will keep watching.
      Craig McLachlan is especially good as the shallow, vain, insecure Eric.

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