Before Little Big Shots, Shane Jacobson hosted this for Nine.

Shane Jacobson hosted Little Big Shots for Seven he made the 2010 series When I Grow Up for Nine.

But the show with Jacobson and kids saying the darndest things never aired.

At the time Nine was also rumoured to have filmed pilots with both Bert Newton and Jules Lund.Celebrities who appeared on the series included Ronan Keating, Sophie Monk, Deni Hines, Fiona O’Loughlin, Tom Gleeson, Colin Lane and Peter Berner.

Seven years later, TV Tonight exclusively brings you a glimpse of the show that never aired. Back in 2010 the budget and production values were smaller, the laugh track was heavy and the gags were pretty straightforward. But Colin Lane gets a few laughs with “Oscar the Oracle.”

Jacobson’s affection for kids has instead become a big hit for Seven with Little Big Shots pulling 1.67m viewers.


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