Block leads Nine’s Sunday, Hell’s Kitchen sinks, TEN troubled.

Ratings: The Block beats Australian Survivor which beats Hell's Kitchen. But for TEN the night was no fun.

There was good news and bad news for TEN last night.

Australian Survivor finished in front of Seven’s Hell’s Kitchen but from there the night was an utter disaster.

Yet none of the 3 reality shows were in the same timeslot.

The Block trounced the competition with 1.29m viewers, a lift on last Sunday, defeating Sunday Night (790,000) and Modern Family (274,000).

For those wanting to compare the big three reality shows, The Block‘s 1.29m was twice Australian Survivor (622,000) and Hell’s Kitchen Australia (544,000). Seven’s show lost 273,000 viewers compared to its launch.

Nine had a winning night including with Nine News and 60 Minutes.

TEN’s poor performance enabled SBS to land in the Top 20 twice with Titanic: The New Evidence and Scotland: Rome’s Final Frontier.

Nine network won Sunday with 35.0% share then Seven 27.3%, ABC 17.1%, TEN 13.1% and SBS 7.5%.

The Block was #1 for Nine with 1.29m viewers then Nine News (1.21m) and 60 Minutes (869,000). The LA Riots was just 218,000.

Seven News (1.15m) was best for Seven then Sunday Night (790,000) and Hell’s Kitchen (544,000). Heists That Shook The World drew 324,000.

Australian Survivor pulled 622,000 for TEN but from there things were problematic. TEN Eyewitness News was 310,000, Modern Family was 274,000 / 237,000, NCIS: New Orleans was 242,000 / 187,000, Family Feud was just 229,000.

On ABC it was ABC News (776,000), Poldark (551,000), Grand Designs NZ (531,000) and Death in Paradise (344,000).

Titanic: The New Evidence (322,000), Scotland: Rome’s Final Frontier (279,000) and SBS World News (190,000) comprised SBS night. Occupation Native was just 74,000.

7TWO’s The Force pulled 192,000 to top multichannels.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 13 August 2017.

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  1. IMO Survivor doesn’t do better because TEN have made it into a 90+ minute format. It’s 30 minutes too long and too padded. I love tuning in but i find myself browsing the net and twitter a lot during it because the padded parts are boring.

  2. Speaking of Little Big Shot,i’ve noticed that they’ve been promoting this show for months,but it still hasn’t actually aired yet.I don’t recall that ever happening.Does this mean that 7 is unsure of its ratings potential,and don’t know what to do with it?.

  3. Ten – simulcast Survivor? Why? Makes no difference to the overall ratings and cannabalises multi channel shares – when will anyone learn that.

    It’s almost like the network doesn’t care about advertising revenue. It’s not like they don’t need the money now is it?!

  4. Have so enjoyed Season 3 of Poldark – best so far I think.
    Highly entertaining with so many colourful characters and some memorable villains.
    Jack Farthing and Christian Brassington in particular have been spectacular.
    Reading the weekly online recaps and comments in The Guardian afterwards are almost as good as the show itself.
    Bring on Season 4…

    1. I am so sorry to have to disagree. Series 3 has been ruined by turning Demelza into a carping fishwife and weakening Ross. Yes, Jack and Christian have saved the show, mainly because their storylines follow the books closely.

      We all accept that adapting books require changes to fit events into time schedules etc, but what the writer’s have done to one of the best-ever relationships is unforgivable.

  5. On the topic of TEN making their lives unnecessarily difficult – 0.9% for Eleven! Obviously affected by the simulcast is that a Record low? I think they’re safe to drop the Survivor simulcast now (with Hells Kitchen nearly dead) & save some face with network share next week. If they thought New Orleans would increase, then they’re on another planet. I’ve long thought their news should be an hour at 5.30 on weekends, FF at 6.30 (or weekdays only at 6), then reality at 7pm. Are they running dead until they have a buyer?

  6. Ten make their lives unnecessarily difficult on Sundays. Get rid of Feud and put a half hour local news bulletin on at 6 as a point of difference to the hour long, padded, repetitive snooze fests on 7 and 9. No one is looking for news at 5 on a Sunday. Find something, anything, that is family friendly for the 6.30 slot for an hour. Russell Coight, Thank God You’re Here, Have You Been Paying Attention type shows would work if they give them time to build. There is absolutely nothing appointment worthy on Ten’s schedule until 7.30 which is unsustainable.

  7. I don’t understand why Survivor doesn’t do better. I’m really enjoying this season again and I know many people watching it. It baffles me with those figures.

    1. I’ve mentioned before… older viewers not very interested. Its appeal is with younger viewers. Other issues surround lack of a lead-in and time slots. Hoping we don’t have to revisit these! I’m enjoying the show.

      1. I am in the 60 plus age group, and I guess you would call me an ‘oldie’. Don’t like the title, but I love Survivor. Only started watching it half way through last year, and haven’t missed an episode since.

        After that I drift back to ABC or SBS or read something. Can’t stand NCIS.

      2. Another too old for the normal demo, but loving the show. It was great last year, even better this year with smarter players. Last year’s ratings were a little ordinary too, but Ch 10 loved the social media buzz and renewed on the back of that – hopefully the same applies again.

  8. It’s a shame LA Riots didn’t attract more viewers, it was such a disturbing documentary that should be seen by more people. It would’ve been better on eithe SBS or ABC.

    1. I totally agree . Didn’t know it was on but had flicked over towards end of 60 minutes to see Laurie Oakes interview . Was really high quality stuff – nine once owned this space with quality news . The Sunday clips with Oakes demonstrates that . But the la riots was really good – national geographic certainly widening its scope

  9. Free to air TV just gets worse and worse. Once upon a time (a loooong time ago), Sunday night was the night of the week. Absolutely nothing appealed to me last night, apart from Poldark, which has now finished its current series. Just reality shows, two so-called current affairs programs on at the same time, and a stack of repeats. Pathetic. Nowadays, for some reason, all the decent programs are on Wednesday nights, all up against each other. Thank goodness for catch-up TV.

  10. Hmm, HK is sinking like a stone. Think it may be relegated to 7Two before too long as those figures are not good enough. I have watched both episodes and it is just not compelling enough viewing. I really think the reality market has been saturated with cooking shows, to be honest. I think this will go the way of Seven’s reboot of Iron Chef.

    1. The conundrum for Seven is – what are they going to replace HK with? More LOL specials? Even those specials are now floundering. Someone in Seven has really dropped the ball in the last couple of years when it comes to planning for the second half of the ratings year.

      I don’t think Little Big Shot is going to do well either. Some of those kids are way too precocious to my liking. And the selection of the host? One of the Sunrise weather men could have been more appealing (my humble opinion of course).

      1. Agree. Seven have done shockingly in the last part of the year for the second year running now. Just bring back Dancing with the Stars and be done with it. Should never have been axed,it was a consistent performer. Little Big Shots looks awful, I cannot bear precocious kids.

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