Bumped: Hell’s Kitchen moves to 8:15 as Sunday Night brought forward

Seven has responded to the ratings for Hell’s Kitchen Australia by bumping it to a later start this Sunday, now at 8:15pm.

It will bring Sunday Night forward to 7pm as a result.

Manifesto of Murder
9.30pm, Sunday the 9th of August 1987 – that’s when the carnage and the cold-blooded massacre began. 19-year-old Julian Knight opened fire in Melbourne’s Hoddle Street and methodically shot more than 20 people. One after another. Now after 30 years, Sunday Night has been given exclusive access to Knight’s private diaries which reveal exactly what was going on in his tortured mind that night. They’re some of the most chilling words ever written. Even more so when you realise Knight has served his sentence and could be eligible for parole. Join host Melissa Doyle as she reveals the meticulously detailed confession of the man who committed one of Australia’s worst massacres.

Carole King
There’s no-one quite like Carole King. She’s an absolute legend. She wrote her first hit song as a teenager and followed that up with over a hundred more. Then she turned singer and released Tapestry, one of the biggest selling albums of all time. And now there’s an award-winning Broadway show – the story of her life, loves, and of course, her music. But there’s one chapter you won’t see on stage. Her darkest, most painful secret. A secret she shares with Steve Pennells in this exclusive interview.

7pm Sunday on Seven.


  1. I know this has been mentioned many a time of late, but I remain curious as to why Ten continue to play out its big reality multi-night formats at 7.30pm on Sundays and not 7pm (so Survivor Oz currently). Why give Seven and Nine a free half-hour jump start? And coming out of the 6-7pm news hour where Seven and Nine often record the biggest news ratings of the week? Maybe Ten’s strategists know something we don’t but it’s very strange to me…

  2. It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out, Survivor across 3 stations again, Hells Kitchen with several different start and finish times depending on your current EPG, (I’ve check 2 and both start at 8pm but finish 9:18 & 9:21). Block only reality at 7pm. If Ten are gonna roadblock they may as well start at 7pm too.

  3. “It will bring Sunday Night forward to 7pm as a result.”
    Thank goodness. I am so over cooking shows, especially the competitive kind that bring out the bitchiness in otherwise nice people.
    I suppose we viewers have only ourselves to blame. If we stayed away in droves they would soon disappear from our screens.

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