Eurovision still hoping for US version

It would be "state vs. state" in the US of A, if Eurovision gets its way.

Eurovision bosses have not ruled out a US version of the famed song contest which could potentially see a “state vs. state” competition.

It’s an idea that has been previously floated, given the success of American Idol, but did not proceed.

ESC Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand told Eurovision Fan House there were still big hopes for the brand beyond Europe:

“We have already launched an initiative in Asia, and this is done in conjunction with our Australian partner, SBS, who participates in the ESC.

“We are working with them to stage a similar concept to Eurovision in Asia, essentially to have a Eurovision Asia. In addition, we also broadcast the ESC in several markets in that region, Australia is one of them, China has been on board to showcase the Eurovision Song Contest, New Zealand has been on board, and when it comes to the US we also have a deal there with the broadcaster Viacom to broadcast Eurovision in the US,” he said.

“We also want to see if it’s possible to create an American version of the Eurovision Song Contest, although we haven’t concluded that yet. This is a long term strategy for sure to see how far outside of Europe the brand can reach.”

I just don’t reckon America could do the camp anywhere near as well…

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