Fairfax takes aim at Foxtel Now over buffering

Stan joint-venture partner Fairfax has taken aim at Foxtel Now over complaints about buffering during the Game of Thrones finale.

It referenced social media complaints during the record-breaking episode and said Foxtel had begun to apologise to affected subscribers.

A Foxtel spokesman said the buffering issues were limited to a “small number” of people.

“The issue was resolved last night and no other programs were affected,” he said. “Every episode from Game of Thrones seasons one to seven are up and available for subscribers to watch on demand.”

In July the season premiere was also affected by technical problems with Foxtel conceding it had underestimated interest with new and existing customers.


  1. I had no issues and even watched it in SD via a laptop on a small screen TV using HDMI. Streaming problems generally happen because of the type of internet connection you have and its speed, the capacity of the hard drive in your PC or TV and the router used. Its interesting that users do not think about firmware upgrades for their ageing routers as their functionality will degrade with time.

  2. When they say the issues affect a “small number of people” I tend to equate that to the number of people who complained.

    There would be plenty of people on free trials (or using someone else’s account) who experienced issues and then just reached for a VPN, torrents, file lockers or streaming sites.

  3. Secret Squïrrel

    I didn’t watch any of the eps “live” – all on demand. No buffering but the quality was pretty crappy at times whenever the bit-rate dropped with artifacts and aliasing. I wouldn’t pay for something that bad.

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