Footy Show returns to safer turf

There were open collars without ties, references to Foxtel and a single panel as Eddie returned to the AFL Footy Show last night.

A slim, trim McGuire was back at the helm of the Nine show after 12 years, thanking his predecessors Garry Lyon, James Brayshaw and Craig Hutchison.

Opening the show with co-stars Sam Newman, Rebecca Maddern and Dave Hughes, he was given something of a hero’s welcome by the crowd.

Notably, the show returned to giving more spotlight to AFL players, with 3  joining the hosts on a single, expanded panel. Despite some social media reaction to Hughes remaining, it was an improved outing after a disappointing run.

The real test for the show was not last night, with the show likely to be boosted through curiosity, but next week to see just how many return.

Seven’s Front Bar has less razzmatazz but makes up for that with rapport just as Nine did over 20 years ago.


  1. Great to see Eddie back.The show was pumping last night something that has been missing for a long time.Guests were all smiles so were the audience.The Front Bar has no hope,not that it had a chance anyway

  2. I flicked over a couple of times out of curiosity, but I just can’t stand Eddie so i’ll give it a miss going forward. I’ll stick with the Front Bar, those 3 guys really do have good rapour, are genuinely funny and manage to make their guest fit right in with them. I just wish 7 would move it to 8:30 in Perth.

  3. I thought the set looked too electronic, screens everywhere. Eddie was good and the Braveheart opening was funny. I didn’t think it was really any better than usual. Street talk would’ve been nice. I could be wrong but it came across that Sam really doesn’t like Dave Hughes. I don’t either, he has to go!

  4. I watched it, but didn’t think it was all that great.

    Whilst good to see Eddie back, I thought with the few weeks off they would fix things but it was still a bit dull. Where was Street Talk? Where was the more lively stage like they had? Instead it was just a small dark room with a little panel with nothing really that flash. The biggest thing they had was when Shane Crawford and Billy arrived in the truck.

  5. The revamped Footy Show was nothing spectacular.

    I felt it was rather awkward, cramped and too different.

    There was some good stuff too, some of the segments and players.

    Eddie also doesn’t do it for me, will probably work better, but I’m not on board.

    The Front Bar still 100% for me.

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