Four Corners: Aug 14

On Monday’s Four Corners, Louise Milligan reports on Inside the Greens: A party in turmoil.

Will the govt be pressing ABC for equal airtime over this one, too?

“They treat their members like mushrooms. They keep them in the dark and they feed them on bullshit.” Greens Senator

For the last two months, The Greens have been a party in disarray.

“We’re not saints as Greens MPs and no-one should think we are.” Greens politician

They’ve lost not one but two deputy leaders over dual citizenship laws. Opinion polls indicate their popularity is falling, particularly with their key demographic – younger voters, and a bruising internal fight over policy negotiations has ripped open the seams of the party.

“It’s been a tough few weeks, no question about it. There’s no sugar-coating that.” Greens Senator

As the turmoil has unfolded, Four Corners has been there to capture the drama behind the scenes.

“Do people have disagreements in a political party? Well, gee, pull down the banners, hold the front page!” Greens politician

We reveal the tensions within, as the party, born out of radical activism, tries to operate on the federal political stage.

“If you think the answer is to make it all neat and tidy, make it professional, make it efficient, (that’s) missing the point about our progressive politics.” Greens Senator

Key players in the party and its support base unload, venting their fury over the way politics is being played on the inside.

“What goes on …is not an exercise in democracy, it’s an exercise in puppetry.” Greens Senator

As the party faces its biggest challenges since its foundation, Four Corners investigates if the party’s actions live up to their spin.

Monday 14th August at 8.30pm.

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