Game of Thrones finale: death, dragons & revelations

Warning: Be sure you have seen Game of Thrones S7 finale before reading on….

The season final of Game of Thrones packed a punch, emotionally and visually with deaths, dragons, revelations and sex.

That scene we have all been waiting for with Jon Snow (not his real name) and Daenerys getting it on finally arrived. Yet it came with new information that Jon Snow is the rightful heir to the iron throne.

Producer Dan Weiss told the Hollywood Reporter: “I would say the challenge with this sequence was finding a way to present information that at least a good portion of the audience already had in a way that was dramatic and exciting, and also had a new element to it,” he says. “Part of the answer as to how to go about doing that was in the montage, inter-cut nature of it. It was about making it clear that this was almost like an information bomb that Jon was heading towards. The only way to really emphasize that was to tie those two worlds together cinematically, and to have Bran actually narrating these facts over the footage of Jon and Dany. Just as we’re seeing these two people come together, we’re hearing the information that will inevitably if not tear them apart, then at least cause real problems in their relationship.”

“It complicates everything on a political level, and on a personal level,” adds Benioff, “and it just takes everything that could have been so neat and kind of perfect for Jon and Dany, and it really muddies the waters.”

As for the death of Littlefinger, actor Aidan Gillen has told E! News, “You’re left a little bereft — for your character and for your experience. It also immediately makes you quantify the hugeness of what that experience has been over the last seven years, which has been massive.”

Gillen added it was “a humiliating position” for the always-plotting character to be in. “There were more feelings for Sansa than I’ve let on the in the past. It becomes obvious. It’s an emotional farewell.”

Weiss said, “I was actually very interested and excited to see what Aidan would do with that moment because it’s a moment he’s never been in before. He’s imagined every conceivable eventuality except this one.”

There was plenty in the episode including Cersei double-crossing everybody and now at odds with Jaime.

But the visual highlight was the final scene with the ice dragon melting the Wall like there is no tomorrow.

Just six more episodes to come. Altogether now, “Noooooooooooooooo…!”


  1. I too have re-watched the entire episode, but also the scene of the Night King riding the dragon, over and over, can’t get enough! I was under the misapprehension that there were 8 eps in the final season…woe is me, and a two year wait…
    It had better be damn good!

    • I’ve tried to watch the first few eps of season 1 but get bored… As the world seems to love this show, did anyone else feel the same way, or were you hooked straight away.

  2. Yes it was a massive episode. There’s been a bit of hate from people regarding the lack of action, but I thought the finale’s real strength was it’s dioalogue heavy manoeuvrings… as is usually the case with GoT… the action usually caps it off…

    But I have to add that Lena Heady needs an Emmy for her portrayal of Cersei. She’s absolutely mesmerising and has been the clear standout for a couple of seasons now. She encapsulates that role like few others ever could…

    • Lack of action, really? Are they actually complaining after last weeks episode and a couple of episodes before?
      Game of Thrones has two strengths, dialogue/plotting and the action, both need to work hand in hand to create an awesome episode. Which this episode did. If every episode had full on action it would become a sugar hit, with no substance.

      • Yeah just typical whinger as who riot for more action but then I’m sure would be he first to complain about no character development or sloppy directing etc. if they got their way… there’s no win.
        It’s a bit like the Walking Dead… who seem to have gone in the other direction… I’m ok with the non action-y, character based dialogue heavy episodes, but too many times now (particularly last season) TWD mishandled that aspect and it became a little boring and tiresome… and the fangs were out for the show from people who wanted more action.

    • I *love* the relative lack of action in the last episode. It’s all about the characters, and it works. That scene with Cersei and Tyrion alone in that room is some seriously good acting. Had me spellbound. And the last scene between Arya and Sansa was just perfect. Then … suddenly … bam … Night King comes along and you’re smacked in the face with the action. Glorious pacing.

  3. Agreed. There was so much delicious dialogue. The ice-dragon breath was exactly what I was imagining and more – truly terrifying. Jaime finally having the balls to walk away from Cersei, and Then standing up for his sister was all grand. And Jon’s butt wasn’t bad, either!

  4. I know almost everyone’s favorite episode is the final of the previous season. My fave is definitely the final of this season. My favorite phrase: :”How do you plead……..,Lord Baelish”. Going back and watch it all over again now, and again and again. So many great scenes.

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