Game of Thrones finale sets another record

The final thrilling episode of Game of Thrones Season 7 has pulled another record figure for Foxtel.

The 11am broadcast drew a massive 561,000 viewers and the 8:30pm replay was 306,000, a total of 867,000 viewers nationally.

That eclipses both the S7 premiere (799,000) and the S6 finale (737,000).

The 11am broadcast figure includes those who recorded it on their IQ and watched it later -many view it as soon as they get home from work, not prepared to wait for the 8:30 replay. The figure also does not include +2 channels nor those with Foxtel Now.

Brian Walsh, Foxtel’s Executive Director of Television said, “Winter may have come to Westeros, but last night’s ratings prove that Game of Thrones on Foxtel is hotter than ever. The incredible success of this worldwide phenomenon is evident not just from its gripping storytelling, unrivalled cinematography and nail-biting action, but from the response of its fans who tuned in to Foxtel in record numbers to watch the outstanding final episode of the season. The overnight performance of the series on Foxtel in Australia has eclipsed many global territories, including the U.K. It’s a phenomenal result for the company.”

The finale also lit up social media, with Aussie tweets peaking just after midday as these heat maps indicate, and even NSW Police getting in on the act.

Foxtel used the big audience to promote its upcoming highlights including a trailer for the upcoming A Place to Call Home season, but it will be a long time before dragons enter the building again.


  1. I wonder how many people watched it on Foxtel now?That’s how I watched it.Great episode by the way.Very satisfying way of finishing up the series and setting up for the final series,whenever that is.

  2. Such a gigantic episode that contained so many answers and created so many questions… as for spoilers, how do you function in this tech age trying to avoid even still pictures of the most popular television show in the world?

  3. Foxtel will obviously be sorry to lose this show after season 8 is concluded, I imagine that the GoT producers will wish the GoT universe continue with prequels and sequels as did the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises.

    • Yes as noted I didn’t do such yesterday as people were still at work. I feel comfortable today it is fair news on a dedicated TV blog, and fits with site policy. What date are you suggesting is ok to run GoT episodics?

    • Well I hope you stayed off Facebook, Twitter, youtube, online news outlets, probably the morning news shows, entertainment shows such as Entertainment Tonight and Extra, cause they all would have had spoilers and singling out David isn’t really fair. Regarding David’s use of the picture of Viserion bringing the wall down, you’d have to be blind Freddy not to see that coming.

  4. Whilst I acknowledge it’s an amazing figure & is the biggest ever.

    Surely the majority of that 11am figure is from people who have watched later?

    Rather than Live (which I believe still puts sport at the top, such as over 700k watching the Rugby World Cup back in 2011 and over 540k watching last year’s AFL Preliminary Final?).

    • The pic was the same used by the NY Times and similar has been all over social media. Given it has aired it is no longer a spoiler. I avoided running such yesterday, but GoT is a hot topic, there are pics everywhere. What date are you suggesting it is ok to run?

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