Gordon Ramsay on Marco Pierre White: “2nd one he’s screwed up!”

"The UK and now Australia!" laughs Ramsay when learning about Hell's Kitchen performance.

Outspoken celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay (who currently airs on Seven) has taken aim at Marco Pierre White’s season of Hell’s Kitchen Australia. Also on Seven.

On Twitter the original Hell’s Kitchen host said the Australian series was “the second one he has screwed up!”

Marco Pierre White took over as host of the UK edition for 2007 and 2009 seasons. Meanwhile Ramsay is approaching his 17th edition in the US, and he has MasterChef (US) too.

The two men have quite a history as rivals, with Pierre White famously known as the man “who made Gordon Ramsay cry” with neither speaking for years. Pierre White also launched a blistering attack on MasterChef‘s own Matt Preston but later denied he had any feud.

In Pierre White’s defence ratings for the show are also tied to the casting of unengaging celebrities by Seven and ITV Studios Australia.

Gordon Ramsay may have missed that point when he sharpened his knife…

Via: News Corp

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  1. Gordon, it’s not Marco’s fault he got lumbered by some so called celebs.

    But yes I agree this is why I enjoy Gordon’s Hells Kitchen. Because it’s made up of people that work in the industry.

  2. We’ve watched every season of HK-US but HK-Aus’s first episode was unbearable and I’ve not returned to follow through with any more. David’s right – the ‘celebrities’ are completely unengaging. The set design is terrific though. Hopefully Seven will chance a normal version with contestants that actually have some culinary talent.

  3. Im watching it and it’s just watchable but It would have been so good if it was normal people and not celebrities that aren’t even on the alphabet seven should renew it for a second season but admit it’s mistake and put normal people on it with Marco as host

  4. You are absolutely correct David. I would have been very happy to watch Marco, but wasn’t remotely interested in a celebrity version. What was the point? Why harangue people who can’t actually cook even if you yell at them?

  5. I’m still astounded that the powers that be at Seven could press the “Go” button on HKA with such a cast of non entity so-called ” Celebrities”…calling them C grade is an insult to C Grade celebrities.
    And ITV – really ? Perhaps you are too stretched with Survivor to deliver a decent product to Seven…whatever the excuses this is flat and boring television and viewers were quick to smell the rat in the room , or in this case, perhaps too many cooks in the kitchen.

    1. “… such a cast of non entity so-called ” Celebrities”…calling them C grade is an insult to C Grade celebrities.”

      If you dig into history, I think you’ll find this is almost the exact reason the term “network celebrity” was coined…

  6. I really tried my hardest to like Hell’s Kitchen Australia. But the format (reheating, not cooking meals!) and the contestants (celebrities that wouldn’t even get a jersey on IACGMOOH) meant that a show that I’ve loved overseas versions of, just really didn’t work for me and I stopped watching after a few episodes. I did like MPW, he is a poor man’s Ramsay, but he was an alright substitute. But the minute that all the food was pre-made, that was the beginning of the end for me!

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