Kat Stewart expecting Offspring’s end

Actress Kat Stewart is the latest to hint that tonight’s episode of Offspring may be the last ever.

Her comments follow Asher Keddie indicating she would be content if that proved to be the case.

“I’m very fatalistic about these things,” Stewart told the Herald Sun.

“I always assume each season is our last and anything else is a pleasant surprise. In tonight’s season finale they are left in a good place. I don’t think this is a job I could ever say no to because I love it so much. But I’m assuming that’s it.”

Tonight’s finale should leave viewers happy, but there is now the possibility CBS could be keen to build on its local drama, given Offspring is the strongest. Extra production costs, which were tougher after subsidies expired at 65 episodes, may not be the same challenge to CBS that they have been for TEN.

It bows out at 8:40pm tonight, just in case we don’t get another chance for goodbyes.

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  1. Just watched this on TenPlay. I agree with what many have mentioned in previous posts (and DK) – that being, its the perfect time to end. I loved the first 5 series, and even on a quick glance currently on Netflix, you see that one of the main storylines always involved a patient pushing the story along. The last two series have been more outside the hospital setting. If this is the end, big thanks to the writers for bringing it to us.

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