Lift for Free to Air live streaming & catch-up

More than 1.5 billion minutes of Free to Air live & catch-up content is live streamed in the past month.

A record number of Australians are flocking to Free to Air live and catch-up streaming, according to the latest OzTAM VPM 28 Day Rolling and Live Streaming reports.

6.9 million Australians streamed more than 1.5 billion minutes of catch-up and live streaming content in the past month, thanks to shows such as The Bachelor, Australian Ninja Warrior, Utopia, The Handmaid’s Tale and Home and Away.

The figure represents a 25% increase in television streaming over the past four months. 5.8 million of those were watching Free To Air compared to the 4.3 million Australians streaming Subscription Video on Demand where Game of Thrones ranks as the top title.

Freeview CEO Elizabeth Ross said: “On top of solid appointment viewing with FTA broadcast television being viewed by 83.7% of people each week, Aussies are also choosing to watch additional content at a time, and in a way, that suits them best.

“Whether it’s catch up TV on TV screens, or live streaming their favourite drama during the evening commute on a mobile, flexible OTT, TV viewing is on the rise. Australian broadcasters are leading the world through innovation and investment into making their content available on different platforms and devices, and Australians are taking full advantage.”

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  1. “Australian broadcasters are leading the world through innovation…”

    That is so disconnected from reality it’s laughable unless innovation means the commercial networks coming up with new ways to get the government to give them money while putting up roadblocks for providers who actually give the consumer what they want.

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