Little Big Shots: full cast

Seven’s Little Big Shots features around 60 talented kids aged 3 and upwards.

Episode 1 features 5 yr old sheep shearer Charlie, 12 yr old dancer Akshat, 7 yr old power tumbler Alexsa, 12 yr old Rubik’s Cube genius Jianyu, 12 yr old Snooker Trickster Jayden and 7 yr old drummer Eduarda.

Here is the full cast:

Agustin Candusso, 7,
Origami Expert, NSW

Akshat Singh, 12,
Viral Dancer, India

Albert Diab, 12,
Human Body Expert, NSW

Alexsa Kachan, 7,
Power Tumbler, NSW

Amelie Lu, 9,
Archer, VIC

Anke Chen, 6,
Pianist, China

Aralai Mattila-Mertens, 9,
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, NSW

Arat Hosseini, 3,
Wall Climber, Iran

Bella Devyatkina, 4,
Polyglot, Russia

Bella Grosse, 11,
Horse Trickster, NSW

Campbell Remess, 13,
Teddy Bear Maker, TAS

Charlie Dunn, 5,
Sheep Shearer, NSW

Charlie Parker, 7,
Reptile Ranger, VIC

Charlotte and Grennan Bartlett-Nealeigh,
9 and 12, Knife Throwers, USA

Declan Sander, 6,
Spelling Champion, VIC

Eduarda Henklein, 7,
Drummer, Brazil

Emerald Wulf, 11,
Contortionist, USA

Evan Luc-Tran, 8,
Photographic Memory Holder, NSW

Evnika Saadvakass, 10,

Ewan Chate, 11,
Pogo Stick Jumper, NSW

Gisele Messina and Yoni Herz, 11 and 13,
Latin and Ballroom Dancers, NSW

Harley Jackson, 11,
Unicycling Bagpiper, NSW

Lennox Carolan, 5, Harmony Carolan, 7, Zenon Pate, 10, Ryder Pate, 12, Phoenix Pate, 13, Liam Carolan, 14,
Wrestlers, NSW

Jacob Cousins, 9,
Haka Leader, NSW

Jayden Dinga, 12,
Snooker Trickster, QLD

Jett Simmons, 9,
Lawn Bowler, VIC

Jianyu Que, 12,
Rubik’s Cube Genius, China

Jude and Lewis Owens-Fleetwood, 10 and 5,
Violinists, SA

Li-sa X, 12,
Guitarist, Japan

Louis Rebeiro, 11,
Pianist (Blues), WA

Lucas and Nicholas Lum, 8 and 12,
Table Tennis Champions, VIC

Mater Vandeleur, 9,
Journalist, SA

Micah June, 7,
Hip-Hop Dancer, NSW

Ned Eliott, 10,
Lawn Mower Racer, NSW

Nikita Leskovec, 11,
Animal Impersonator, VIC

Ocean and Sky Brown, 5 and 9,
Skateboarders, Japan

ianyu Que, 12,
Rubik’s Cube Genius, China

Om Swaroop, 7,
Limbo Skater, India

Parker O’Neile, 8,
Rodeo Roper, NSW

Rafael Nselel, 5,
Memory Extraordinaire, VIC

Selevasio Tu’ima, 14,
Maori Singer, NZ

Sofia Bogdanova, 11,
Roller Skater, Russia

Thomas Petrie, 7,
Champion Whip Cracker, QLD

Torino Brodie, 7,
Goat Shower, QLD

Tyrone Snell, 8,
Science Professor, QLD

Vienna-Rose Bahn, 5, Elyssa Kaberry, 6, Ligipati Kamupala, 7, Nadine Daniel, 8, Victoria (Terina) Iwugia, 8, Viniana Lili Passi, 8,
Hula Dancers, VIC

Will Gaskett, 10,
Frisbee Trickster, VIC

Xiong Fei, 10,
Latin Dancer, CHINA

Zane Weinberg, 7,
Golfer, NSW

7pm Sundays on Seven.

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