Monday goes Nine’s way

Ratings: Nine had a winning streak from 6pm, with wins for The Block & This Time Next Year.

Unlike Sunday, three reality shows went head to head last night making it a much fairer fight.

In the end there was very little change in the numbers. Once again The Block was on top with 1.07m viewers followed by Australian Survivor (625,000 with no roadblocking) and Hell’s Kitchen Australia (607,000).

At 8:40pm or thereabouts This Time Next Year won the battle, up on last week, ahead of Have You Been Paying Attention?, Four Corners and The Story of Diana.

Nine News and ACA won their slots giving Nine a winning streak from 6pm while The Chase scored for Seven.

Nine network won Monday with 29.7% then Seven 27.5%, TEN 18.5%, ABC 17.7% and SBS 6.6%.

Nine News was #1 with 1.11m / 1.08m for Nine then The Block (1.07m), A Current Affair (937,000), This Time Next Year (931,000), and Hot Seat (556,000 / 324,000). Footy Classified was 220,000 in 3 cities.

Seven News (1.06m / 1.01m) led for Seven followed by Home and Away (762,000), The Chase (628,000 / 392,000), Hell’s Kitchen Australia (607,000) and The Story of Diana (486,000). Talking Footy was 129,000 in 3 cities on 7mate.

Have You Been Paying Attention? (639,000) was best for TEN followed by Australian Survivor (625,000), The Project (609,000 / 390,000), TEN Eyewitness News (478,000) and Family Feud (358,000). Life in Pieces was 227,000.

ABC News (755,000), 7:30 (687,000), Australian Story (653,000), Four Corners (558,000), Media Watch (498,000) and Q&A (401,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Clean Eating: The Dirty Truth (264,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (185,000), SBS World News (163,000) and River Cottage Australia (130,000).

Shaun the Sheep showed who’s boss on multichannels at 240,000.

Today: 267,000
Sunrise: 266,000
News Breakfast: 101,000 / 54,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 14 August 2017

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  1. The people who think The Project is the problem ignore it does well in the younger demos – the 7pm portion is a regular in the top 5 for 16-39 and some nights 18-49. In fact, Monday night it was fifth in 16-39. When its up against H&A, that it a good effort.

  2. Tonight after watching ACA 15/08/2017, you got to wonder whose side ACA is on? The pensioners getting attacked on pension days or in bed with the crooks. It was noted twenty years ago that the NSW Police asked the media (newspapers, radio, TV, ) not to mention the amounts when reporting a robbery story. Tonight, ACA said some old bloke withdrew over $800.00, well, that’s a smart move, ACA just gave the go ahead to every would-be robber, thug, drug addict, to assault pensioners on pay day because ACA blabbed there’s money in those pensioners wallet/purse on Centrelink pay day.

    Why on Gods earth was the mention of the sum stolen? This is exactly why the NSW Police said, put a sock in it. Why advertise the amounts stolen, it just gives pretentious thieves a heads-up. I saw it on ACA, some bloke robbed of $800.00, you beauty, thanks ACA

  3. We keep getting these pieces of amateur programming advice….what next bring back Neighbours or The Simpsons, or make The Project 30 minutes (again!)…FTA is in decline, how far this decline will go is anyone’s guess. Streaming is continuing its upward curve. Not going to be easy to break these trends

    1. My “amateur programming advice” stems from a passion for television. Would hate to lose what we have and some find it important to keep FTA alive and suggest things based on rational thinking. It may be in decline, but should we not work to keep TV alive in Australia, jobs too…?

  4. Agreed. The need for a 5-7:30 change up is nearing critical level, if it hasn’t reached that already. A genuinely exceptional product in Australian Survivor (in which I truly believe is one of the best reality show offerings of any Aussie TV channel since MKR launched all those years ago…) is being severely looked upon as perhaps not reaching its full potential because of this very reason. I understand the oldies aren’t gravitating to it, but it’s obvious the Project is mainly letting Ten down… It’s a show Ten needs I get that, and it has it’s appropriate place on Television, but it needs to be moved… I don’t know, I guess I’m just a passionate and frustrated supporter of the underdog (reflected by my changing allegiances with the contestants on the “bottom” in Survivor lol)… I just want Ten to have a genuine improvement…

    1. I reckon TEN should start The Project at ^pm for the hour, Family Feud from 7pm (make it a bit more adult oriented) and strip reality as per normal from 7:30pm. FF at 7pm provides a decent alternative to news at that hour!

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