Nine News question on Ben Fordham vanishes

Media Watch last night exposed a bit of apparent editing from the Nine Network after its own Nine News website questioned an association between Australian Ninja Warrior host Ben Fordham and underworld identity John Ibrahim.

It noted a number of industry faces accompanying Ibrahim on the eve of the launch of his autobiography, “Last King of the X”.

Last Wednesday asked “…why does the head of a ‘crime family’ seek to surround himself with these guys? And why would they hang about with him?

“Ibrahim’s friendship with another radio host Ben Fordham is perhaps slightly more of a surprise.”

The article had no byline, identifying the author.

But as Media Watch revealed not long after the story went up, referring to the Today regular, the story then disappeared. A Facebook post and tweet referring to it also both vanished.

“We asked Nine and Ben Fordham but, despite repeated attempts, they refused to comment,” ABC reported.


  1. Secret Squïrrel

    I think Nine pulled the story to avoid any possible damage to their reputation from having Fordham being seen socialising with Sandilands.

  2. Um typical media bosses assuming ‘delete’ means the article is gone. Hello internet and that thing called ‘google cache’ – inside-the-celebrity-world-of-john-ibrahim

    Quick search of the article title from media watch on google also shows the article in full on nine’s msn site still. Fail.

  3. Ben Fordham obviously is a bit star struck by the perm tanned and coiffed “tough man” of the X. But it’s not a good look hanging out with such a colourful character Ben. And who knows when the next shoe will drop ?
    And as for the head of Endemol Shine Mark Fennessy being one of John Ibrahim’s ” pals” – well that’s just plain dumb.
    Kyle – you are excused on the basis you are just a self confessed gold plated yobbo.

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