Oops. FOX Sports sprung faking NRL crowds?

Are broadcasters faking crowd footage to make up for poor attendances at NRL games?

That was the claim recently made by Seven News, surrounding an NRL match on Friday 16 June on FOX Sports.

A FOX Sports spokesperson told TV Tonight, “During the Rabbitohs v Titans Round 15 simulcast 8pm match, a producer aired archived vision after failing to time out the half time break. It was an error in judgment which we have addressed. This is not a regular practice of FOX Sports.”

Via: B&T


  1. umm just Q but the 7.50pm friday night games are ch 9 pics all Fox do is commentate they use the picture that nine use so did nine do this also

  2. My take? This has happened many times before but they were caught this one time. I have watched the crowd shots and seeing the sparsely populated ‘open’ side in the past and thought maybe the shot was taken of the ‘main’ side where there is generally more people…now I know better!

  3. It’s bizarre that Sydney people just don’t go to watch NRL games with their big population. The Rugby League heartlands and averaging 13,000? That’s hardly more than the average A-League attendances. AFL average 33k which is one of the highest attendance averages of any league in the world.

  4. The “producer” did it by himself, yeah? No one else was there with him/her in the director’s box, yeah? He/she had full control of the video switcher and was also the director and tape operator, yeah?

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