Renewed: Rake

As TV Tonight hinted last November, Rake has been renewed for a fifth season.

Updated: Season 5 of Rake will also see the return of his long-suffering friends, relatives, and pugnacious foes including David (Matt Day), Wendy (Caroline Brazier), Missy (Adrienne Pickering), Finnigan (Keegan Joyce), Nicole (Kate Box) and Cal (Damien Garvey).

Heading up a stellar creative team is producer, creator and award-winning writer Peter Duncan, who will again direct alongside Rowan Woods, Shannon Murphy and Jenn Leacey. Duncan’s writing co-collaborator, the acclaimed Andrew Knight is also back on board.

Peter Duncan says, “As a committed if somewhat lazy group of anarchists, we wanted to see if Cleaver could bring as much chaos to Parliament as he did to the courts. So far, we think our mission is on track. It’s great that we have an opportunity to expand Cleaver’s messy palette and give Richard a chance to get his hands truly dirty.”

Sally Riley says, “I’m looking forward to living vicariously through Cleaver Green as he runs rampant in the Australian Parliament and I’m sure ABC audiences will love it too. He’s a truly loved character that says and does all the things you sometimes wish you could. So happy to have him back on our screens in 2018”.

Star and producer Richard Roxburgh has also told News Corp, “It’s the last season so that will be special, it’s the Senate season so that will be good and so I’m in a writers room working on that now.

“I can’t conceptualise it because we’ve tried to kill it so many times, so I can’t imagine it. Probably when we actually manage to kill it, I’ll be absolutely bereft and devastated. At the moment we’re just excited about the stuff we’re working on for this season.”

True enough. Roxburgh told me twice he was done at 3 seasons, to ensure a “good looking corpse.” Not that I am complaining….

When viewers last saw the show a year ago, the show depicted Australia with a hung Parliament -and the PM calling Cleaver Greene who now holds the balance of power.


    • Me too. I am in the States and I will not watch the US copy – I already know that it won’t get close to the original!! It’s my favorite TV show and I was binging it when it appeared on Netflix (or Amazon?).

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