Returning: Chicago Fire

US drama Chicago Fire returns to Seven next week for its fifth season.

“The Hose Or The Animal” begins 10:30pm Wednesday August 30 on Seven.

This aired in the US in October.

Severide and Stella are on the lookout for a very unstable Grant, who left Chicago Med without notice. Now that Dawson is responsible for Louie, she questions her dangerous career path as a firefighter. Casey continues his work as Alderman but his relationship with his political consultant, Susan Weller, cools. Problems continue for Borrelli, who still blames Chief Boden for the death of his brother, and the situation reaches a boiling point. Meanwhile, Mouch and Brett start off on a new venture together.


  1. I was just thinking when are 7 going to show season 5 and hear it is. Its in a late night timeslot already so its seems odd to change nights when its previously been on Tuesday. Hopefully they will show each episode without breaks something which they did not do last season and extremely odd for them not to do considering its in such a late timeslot.

      • All good, I was just thinking about the show the other day and thought the new season must be somewhere on the horizon. So when I saw this I thought we talking new season…I do think they start much later in the year anyway.

        PS Overall I am just very annoyed with Channel 7 for the way they treat these type of shows. By accident I noted last night that Qantico made a return, not sure when but I saw it was up to episode 14. Just like HTGAWM they chopped and changed, dropped and restarted it so many times that I lost track altogether. In both cases I just gave up which is a pity as I enjoyed both shows.

        • I totally agree with you about being annoyed at how 7 treats US drama. They do a shit job of it, really shit job. Whilst not defending them in anyway I think if you chose to be a viewer of Chicago Fire on 7 you do so knowing that it has a run on Foxtel before 7 and it should be looked at a bit differently to a show that’s a first run on free to air. That being said and as said in comment above having breaks during the season of a show that’s in a late night timeslot on its 2nd run like they’ve done in previous seasons of Chicago fire is a crap way to treat viewers.

  2. carolemorrissey

    Great news, I love this show. It’s on a different night, it used to be on a Tuesday. It’s funny now it’s up against Chicago Med.

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