Returning: First Dates UK

Seven returns First Dates UK to Tuesdays from tonight.

Seven returns First Dates UK to Tuesdays from tonight, picking up with S2E3.

It moves into the slot where Yummy Mummies was screening a week ago.

Rajan is back, and he’s looking to get lucky on his fourth try, this time with lovelorn Corinne, who seems to meet all the wrong men. Beauty Shakira is on her first-ever first date in this forum, nervously waiting to meet the equally jittery Xany. Meanwhile, young party animal Devon gets to the bar in need of a very large drink, but her date, debonair Will, is a teetotaler. Purdey fancies the well-toned arms of her Aussie date, Matt, but refuses to kiss him. Heavy metal fan Dan berates lovely Angela for liking all sorts of music. And gentlemanly retiree John hopes to find understanding and empathy in his date.

9:45pm Tuesday August 15 on Seven.

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