Returning: The Big Bang Theory

Big Bang returns to Nine next week, and could potentially run into the new season.

The Big Bang Theory returns to Nine next week, replacing True Story which wraps tomorrow night.

It returns with S10E19 “The Collaboration Fluctuation” which aired in the US in March. That would leave 5 more episodes to run which means Nine could run it into S11 thereafter.

Leonard, Penny and Raj settle into their new living arrangement; Sheldon expresses interest in Amy’s work.

8:40pm Tuesday September 5 on Nine.

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  1. Ha! I thought they finished the season – just as well I never posted anywhere some spoilers! Already seen them all after getting annoyed with the last 2 or 3 time changes/delays by Nine and having my friend in the US helping out. Season finale is brilliant for BBT fans. Hope those waiting for Nine to air it do get to see it in a few weeks’ time – and then they lead right into S11. Only way they’ll get ratings back is to play as close to same day as US as possible – as given the end of S10, most will not wait for Nine on S11 if they don’t “fast track”.

  2. I’ve totally lost track of TBBT, can’t keep up with constant time slot changes, different nights, FTA wonder why people watch by other means. Knowing nine, the next season most likely wont start until next year anyway. It’s been on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, the only nights it hasn’t been on is Fri, sat and sun

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