Royals week on SBS

Even more Diana docos comin' at you, now on SBS.

Diana specials reach fever pitch next week as Thursday marks the 20th anniversary of her death.

From Sunday SBS is screening a Royals Week, featuring five Australian television premieres.

Diana and the Paparazzi Premiere
Sunday, 27 August at 7.30pm
In the lead up to the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s death, new details about Dianna’s life, her charity work, and her torrid relationships with the paparazzi and Queen Elizabeth are revealed. We learn why her legacy has lived on, and fall in love with Lady Di all over again.

Spying on the Royals Premiere
Monday, 28 August and Tuesday, 29 August at 7.30pm
As a revolutionary declassified series blows the lid off the most famous royal scandal of the 20th century, we’re treated to the juicy details of King Edward’s steamy affair with his feisty American lover.

Diana Vs Elizabeth Premiere
Wednesday, 30 August at 7.30pm
In 1981, Prince Charles marries Lady Diana Spencer. The fairy tale turns into a bitter duel between two women, the Queen and the Princess, radically changing the image of the monarchy.

Inside Kensington Palace Premiere
Thursday, 31 August at 8.35pm
Serving as a royal residency for over 325 years, no corner is left unturned as we’re treated to a private, all access tour behind the heavily guarded walls of Kensington Palace. From A-list parties to scandalous affairs, Kensington Palace has witnessed sadness, scandal and tragedy. It’s been a sanctuary for some, and a prison for others.

Royal Murder Mysteries Series Premiere
Saturday, 2 September at 7.35pm
Historians, pathologists, forensic scientists and modern detectives all align to investigate notoriously mysterious and macabre murder cases that raise a royal eyebrow or two.

SBS is also screening The Other Boleyn Girl, Royals who Rescued the Monarchy and Diana: In Her Own Words 

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