RSPCA investigates Bachelor segment

“RSPCA NSW takes any potential breaches of animal welfare very seriously," experts say of TEN reality series.

RSPCA is to investigate The Bachelor for potential animal cruelty after a sequence with piglets being chased by contestants in an enclosed pen.

A Warner Bros. Television spokesperson had responded to complaints after the scene aired on Wednesday.

“Producers ensure any instance involving animals has RSPCA approval and a handler on set,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

But RSPCA said in a statement, “RSPCA NSW did not approve the use of piglets in the filming of the Bachelor as claimed by Warner Bros.

“A filming notification form is a legal requirement to film with animals, but it is not an ‘approval’.

“The notification form supplied by Warner Bros in relation to this incident does not align with the events that took place on set, which claimed ‘Piglets will be in a fenced pen and they will herd them and place them in another fenced pen’.”

“RSPCA NSW has contacted Warner Bros and they have yet to return our calls.

“We have requested the full unedited footage and Warner Bros are yet to supply it.

“RSPCA NSW takes any potential breaches of animal welfare very seriously and will be formally investigating this incident further.”

PETA’s associate director of campaigns Ashley Fruno said, “The next time The Bachelor producers wish to include pigs in an episode, we suggest they visit an animal sanctuary get to know these gentle creatures on their own terms.

“Pinning down piglets to win a date is ridiculous, and hardly romantic.”

Source: News Corp

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    1. Yes there are definitely worse acts of cruelty that happen to animals every day but… they need to very carefully monitor what happens in the media as it influences how people think of animals. If we see on TV that it’s ‘funny’ to frighten animals for shits and giggles then it normalises that behaviour.

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