Rumour: Seven mulling Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge?

Move over Ninja Warrior?

Speculation today that Seven is considering airing an Australian version of Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge.

Fairfax reports the licensee of that format has approached Seven but a deal has not yet been reached between the two.

The format sees teams of five tackle a 1.6km obstacle course in a bid to win a $US250,000 prize. The teams are comprised of two men and two women who are matched with an “elite Spartan athlete” who is picked by the show and is the team captain.

Sources within Seven confirmed the network is interested in securing a sports entertainment show.


  1. And Channel TEN are going to introduce two new shows called Almost Anything Goes and It’s a Knockout. Oh hold on, this is 2017 not 1977…

  2. If they film this on an island, deprive them of food and shelter and vote someone off every episode it could be interesting… oh wait…

  3. According to “Sunny” when he says channel 7 should be called “The copy cat channel” how many shows have channel 9 copied from 7 over the years, its been tit-for-tat with channels for many years and I cant see it changing much in the future.

  4. 3 teams. The 3rd team consisting of a family of monkeys who collect bananas on each obstacle. The $250K prize going to Taronga Zoo. Working titles: Are You Better Than A Monkey. Rhesus Rules. Going Back To Where You Came From.

  5. Maybe they should move Larry Emdur back into Primetime with Family Double Dare, or even a Celebrity version 🙂 what are those girls from The Shire doing these days???

  6. Misread the title as “Spartan: Ultimate Teen Challenge”

    Of course they’d be interested, they now need to copy Ninja Warriors extended season next year

  7. Yes apparently in the Australian version one man and one woman from each team are told they going on a blind date… Also halfway through the course the teams need to stop and bake a perfect souffle and a few lucky spectators then get to taste and judge the dish! Some other elements may be added…

  8. I saw this last time I was visiting in the states. It’s a really fun show and I actually prefer it to Ninja because of the team work element.

  9. Just remember people this is a unique and original idea that 7 found and is unrelated to the success of Aussie Ninja Challenge! It is groups of people and on a ‘historical’ course. So it is not like ‘It’s a Knockout’ either!

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