Sam Armytage vs Confidential

Sunrise host Sam Armytage has taken aim at News Corp following an article which speculated about her love life.

It followed an on-air interview with a Queensland policeman in which she commented on his physique, which some deemed to be flirting.

Yesterday on Instagram, Armytage responded to Confidential saying:

Here’s just the latest example of the silly, nasty, tabloid bullshit that surrounds me most days.
I don’t go out much, but as I arrived for the Myer fashion parade yesterday (for a bit of fun) I was accosted.

Not about spring fashion (although I don’t know anything about that anyway?) or any other vacuous or even slightly interesting topic.

It was about my relationship status. And ex boyfriends (both real & fictional.)
Hence a mean (& bitchy!) half-page story on, literally, nothing.

I politely (but internally rolling my eyes?) answered the questions. But next time, I won’t.

I’m one of the country’s senior female journalists. I host a fast-moving, wide-ranging, top-rating, 4-hour-daily breakfast program with some fascinating interviews & some hilarious ones (which I believe, is the ‘hot cop’ reference…)

I have minors in both American Politics & PR/marketing… so if you ever want to ask me any intelligent questions (including but not limited to; our politicians’ citizenship, the state of the Australian cricket team, beef prices…) I’d be happy to answer them.

OR you could ask me about spring fashion. But then, that wouldn’t be a story would it?

On a day when really serious, awful things are happening in the world, I ask all you intelligent people out there to not consume the rubbish. Thank you & Happy Friday x

Confidential claims it asked Armytage about her love life because of her own on-air comments this week:

“It seems Samantha Armytage is the only one allowed to talk about her dating life,” it noted today.

“The breakfast TV host has insisted the world should stop asking about her relationships — despite regularly addressing the topic herself.

“Also at odds with her fury is the fact that her “friends” and spin team have often contacted this column spruiking stories about her chemistry with various stars, from Harry Styles to Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe … and her infamous “date” with Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet.”

I’m the first to admit tabloids and gossip make way too much of Armytage’s personal life, most of it unfairly. But whilst acknowledging her 4 years of Live breakfast telly, I’m thinking it’s the claim about being one of the country’s senior female journalists that is likely to get the bigger reaction.

Does that include Bringing Sexy Back, Sam?


  1. I do agree with her with how often the tabloids go after her but her lines – I’m one of the country’s senior female journalists. I host a fast-moving, wide-ranging, top-rating, 4-hour-daily breakfast program and I have minors in both American Politics & PR/marketing both come across as a little desperate of her trying to prove herself.

    She hosts a morning brekky show (which she does well) but it is hardly had hitting journalism…. Just stick with what you are good at, and just ignore these tabloids!

  2. You go girl, I don’t know how you cope with all the crap that is said about you. Some people think if your a certain age you have to be settled down with a family and if your not they think their got the right to comment on everything in your life.

  3. “I have minors in both American Politics & PR/marketing”
    So then why is she working on the visual equivalent of Womans Day/Weekly/New Idea?

  4. “Ego”? “Take a big deep breath and relax”? Really, people?

    How about “don’t be a d*** to someone just for the sake of a pointless ****-stupid story in your gossip section”?

    (Cue folks telling me “Sunrise does just that with guests all the time” [or I assume so; never watch the thing myself]. Yeah – and those guests _choose_ to go on there for that reason…)

  5. If Sam wants to be taken seriously as a journalist, why doesn’t she give Sunrise the flick and do ABC Breakfast or Lateline or similar? She’s always going to be a target if she stays on Sunrise or hosts misfires such as Bringing Sexy Back.

  6. For the life of me I can’t understand why she keeps having issues with silly little things said about her. After all she is a big part of the industry that rules these kind of stories. I think she may just need to take a big deep breath and just relax.

  7. Exactly David. Her ‘ego’ is the thing I have always found hard to like. ‘I’m one of the country’s senior female journalists’….in your dreams Sam.
    BTW Sam where is your Walkley?

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