Seven, Nine sign new Diversity Charter.

Seven and Nine are signing the new industry charter for Diversity, joining with ABC, SBS, TEN and Foxtel.

The Screen Diversity & Inclusion Network promotes diversity both on screen and in employment.

Whilst the Charter seeks to broadly add visibility on screen it doesn’t impose minimum quotas on specific shows, but this is a positive step forward across all networks.

You can read the agreed points of the Charter below:

Screen Diversity and Inclusion Network Charter

As members of The Screen Diversity Network (SDIN) we commit to a Charter of Inclusion. This commitment is made and delivered at board level by the CEO or equivalent in our respective enterprises. It is transparent, visible and known to all who come in to contact with each of our companies, be they employees, production companies, content creators or partners. We commit to providing equal opportunities for all people at all levels, irrespective of their gender, age, race, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, disability or geographic location.

We believe that the more diverse the people we bring together to develop our thinking, creativity, the more effective the outcomes. By committing to inclusion we will find and empower storytellers who will reflect the diversity of Australia and its culture.

Our commitment is clearly demonstrated in our policies and practices for recruitment, retention, career progression, workplace flexibility, training, talent development and commissioning processes.

1. We aim to actively reflect the diversity of Australian society at every level of our workforce, by gender, age, race, sexual orientation, nationality, religion and disability or geographic location, both in our employees and the stories we tell.
2. We commit to seeking out and developing talent from diverse backgrounds at every level of our organization and encourage those who we work with to do the same through long-term measureable programs and funding.
3. To work together and create partnerships that leverage our resources for the greater good of the industry.
4. Our leadership, management and staff are actively involved in training and career development so they’re educated in all matters related to achieving diversity.
5. We will make all our employees aware of our commitment to diversity and inclusion and to keep them informed of the practical results of this commitment.
6. We commit to establishing an on-going benchmark of our diversity status.
7. We will establish a legitimate and reflective position of diversity within our organization from which we can improve. We will share this with our members of the SDIN, set reasonable targets and up-date the network on what activities are being undertaken to address any identified issues.
8. We will collect and share examples of practical activities that contribute to progress, making them available on a public website.
9. All people wishing to join any of our organizations can be assured of an open recruitment policy, a commitment to diversity and inclusion and a guarantee of transparent hiring policies.


  1. Another nicely framed certificate on Mahogany Row. Will those good intentions filter down to those at the coal-face? Will we see more cadetships, apprentices or ads that say “no experience required”?

  2. They’ve been subjected to anti-discrimination law since the late 70s. Commercial TV comes down to what viewers who advertisers want to target want to watch. As society changes the networks will have to keep up.

  3. Maev....Sydney

    As long as diversity not become the be all and end all….the the detriment of talent…experience etc…
    Don’t want to throw the baby out with the bathwater….
    (..and OMG…I totally love that pic… 😀 )

  4. Good news!! We need more diversity both on and off screen, to reflect the progressive and multicultural society Australia is today!!

    We need variety of voices and representation!

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