TEN plugs Seven’s Diana doco

This might be something CBS can fix when its managers move in…

This morning Studio 10 gave a free kick to Seven when it featured a segment detailing the BBC documentary Diana, 7 Days.

A UK expert spoke about how impressive the special was and the revelations from Princes William and Harry.

It screens tonight on Seven in case anybody at Pyrmont hadn’t realised.


  1. I remember years ago someone (I think it was Rove) say how tough it was for Australian talk shows to succeed because networks won’t let most of their stable appear on competitors so it makes the small pool of celebs who are actually in the country and available each week even smaller.

  2. Isn’t it time the Aussie networks grew up and acknowledged it’s viewers watch other channels too. As mentioned above there is cross promotion in the US and always has been in the UK too – shows here talk about what they think their viewers are interested in, not what their executives are interested in.

  3. Armchair Analyst

    the cross promotion could continue under CBS’s ownership although it may not if not reciprocated. at the moment ABC and SBS are exceptions.

  4. They didnt plug anything it’s not like they said tonight on the seven network or anything. It was mentioned more times on nine this morning that on ten. Talk about trying to make something out of nothing. Are writers from woman’s day submitting articles now?

  5. in America there seems to be a lot of cross network promotion particularly on the late night shows with The other network and days shown always mentioned .

  6. I doubt it. CBS’ The Talk often cross promotes other stations shows or news stories.
    When a show is ‘newsy’ they have to talk about the best content of the day.. And this is clearly incredible overnight content. To ignore it would be detrimental to Studio Ten. Also isn’t it good to show the interview in part now? Less reason to watch later.
    Don’t Sunrise and Today cover interviews of things that may or may not be on another network that night? Like when Ten aired the Donald Trump special.
    Did you double check Today’s coverage from this morning before printing this beat up story? Because if you had of fact checked, you would have seen they did.. no less than 4 times… As did Today Extra..

    • Yeah the CBS Tonight Shows do it as well and have for a long time, like Colbert may say from NBC’s The Blacklist James Spader and on it goes with other shows and James Corden does it as well, as did Craig Ferguson before him. Having said that Jimmy Fallon on NBC does it along with Seth Meyers, Carson Daly and Conan does on TBS along with Jimmy Kimmel on ABC, it’s the norm in the US for those types of shows.

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