The Governess gets a “makeover”

As much as she loves doing The Chase‘s Anne Hegerty has never been a big fan of her wardrobe as “The Governess.”

Appearing on UK’s on Loose Women this week she unveiled a makeover when she spoke about her struggles with high-functioning autism that she didn’t get properly diagnosed for years, leaving her in debt.

She recently told TV Tonight about her character’s origins (almost word for word) in her Loose Women interview:

“Originally I was going to be called The Headmistress and then during rehearsals Bradley started referring to me as The Governess. I said to the producers ‘Can be called that?’ I think I said to them ‘It’s more kinky!’

“What I meant was that a governess is a free agent. She’s not got the Board of Governors breathing down her neck. She’s more like Mary Poppins, she can do anything she likes. So it was just to give me a bit more freedom than a headmistress would have.

“I think I intended to make her a bit more creepy than she is, but a friend of mine said ‘You won’t be able to sustain that.’

“She is a little bit based on my grandmother, a little bit based on one of my aunts. An American a couple of years ago compared her to (Harry Potter’s) Professor McGonagall.”

Source: Digital Spy

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