The Project returning to Sundays

The Project is headed back to Sunday nights from this Sunday, with an on-air crew to include Peter Helliar, Dr. Chris Brown, Natarsha Belling and Rachel Corbett.

Screening from 6:30pm it hopes to lift flailing figures against The Block and Seven’s upcoming Little Big Shots. If it fires, it will help boost Australian Survivor which is suffering a low lead-in from Modern Family.

“Since it first went to air in 2009, The Project has become an integral part of TEN’s program schedule and the TEN brand.

“Influential, popular and always engaging, The Project is unique on Australian television and offers a different take on news and current affairs. We’re proud of what it has achieved and continues to achieve, and look forward to bringing more of The Project to viewers.

“The new Sunday show will offer an entertaining and engaging look at the news, current affairs and sport of the week that was and the week ahead,” she said.

It’s busy times for the Project‘s crew who have also been working on Saturdays every second week on The Wrong Girl, with the Como studio doubling for the show’s own “Breakfast Bar.” Updated: But the new show will be produced in Sydney.

In 2012 TEN tried a half hour Project on Sundays but it was pulled after 10 months.

Hopefully the only way is up.


  1. Worth a shot, it cant do worse than the 279k Modern Family got this. But Ten should really stop simulcasting Survivor on Sunday, its cannibalising its network share.

  2. jezza the first original one

    Great Idea, Excellent Idea…ha…more like bereft of any ideas or money. On par with the generals in WW1 who kept doing the same thing and getting the same result…..As the evenings get lighter and warmer and tv ratings drop…The Sunday Project may well struggle to beat PeppaPig or ShaunSheep

  3. Great idea
    And given today’s news that ABC is bringing back “Classic” Countdown at 6pm on Sundays, maybe The Project should see if that resonates … and then add some musical acts …. could the Sydney studio be big enough?

  4. Good idea but pity about its lead in. Get rid of Feud at 6pm on Sundays and replace with a short, sharp and snappy 30 minute state based news bulletin!

  5. One word: Roadkill. They tried it before and it failed so they try the same again ? Isn’t that the definition of madness? Or an empty drawer of ideas? Probably a bit of both.

  6. Excellent, excellent idea. With time, at least they might draw in some of their viewers who watch during the week. They also need something more compelling after Survivor.

  7. They need to pull their reality programs back to 7pm.
    Project might be a reasonable lead in, but maybe make it fresher with a young talent line up – give Tommy Little the anchor chair and bring in some untried younger presenters.

  8. For The Project to work on Sunday they need to modify the format a little in my view. Hard news will always go to Nine or Seven. The Project needs to add comedy skits and perhaps even a comedian of the day to lighten up the show (like Ugly Dave Grey at the end of Blankety Blank).

    • I would personally like too see someone like Mal Walden come in, he could be quite funny at times and it was a shame he retired. He’d be good for the show if he could be a bit like Clive Robertson was on Seven with 11am and on Nine with Newsworld back in the day.

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