Who will host The Wall?

Jules Lund briefly hosted Hole in the Wall for Nine (may or may not be on his C.V.) but just whom will host The Wall for Seven?

Seven has confirmed a local will front its next game show, which will be produced outside Australia. But it is keeping mum on whether it will be on the US set itself. The show requires contestants to have relevant passports, and no previous issues in entering other countries. With a 4 storey-high set it’s highly-likely there are also versions in France, Canada, Germany and Spain.

Brad Lyons, Seven’s Director of Production, said: “We are big fans of this show because it has all the hallmarks of a great game. It’s simple yet incredibly dramatic. It’s a show the whole family will watch and kids love it, so it’s a great fit for a broad audience. The Wall changes lives on the bounce of a ball. You can’t turn away.”

Mark Fennessy, Endemol Shine Australia CEO, said: “The Wall is a wildly unpredictable, fast and simple game show where fortunes are won and lost on the bounce of a ball. At four stories high, it’s big time event television at its finest. We’re delighted to partner with Seven in bringing this huge international hit to life.”

Meredith Ahr, President of Universal Television Alternative Studio, said: “When we were envisioning the type of show we would want to develop with the launch of UTAS, we sought a dynamic, engaging and universally appealing format that could resonate across the world. The Wall has proven to be just that and we are thrilled that Australian audiences will get to experience this high energy and completely original game show.”

“We’re proud to see our original format for The Wall making its way around the globe and being embraced by families in every corner of the world,” said Maverick Carter, CEO of SpringHill Entertainment and creator and executive producer of The Wall. “For us it’s about creating a life-changing experience that can keep every member of the family on the edge of their seats, rooting together for good people with incredible stories.”

“When we created The Wall, it was always our dream to see it played and enjoyed by people all over the world,” said Andrew Glassman, creator and executive producer of The Wall along with James and Carter. “At the core of the series is a life changing opportunity and the story of good things happening to good people.”

Seven’s version will air in 2018… any suggestions for host?

Event television is set to reach new heights – four stories to be exact – with Seven announcing today it has acquired the rights to produce the world’s hottest new game show, the original US format The Wall from LeBron James’ and Maverick Carter’s SpringHill Entertainment and Andrew Glassman’s Glassman Media in association with Universal Television Alternative Studio with Endemol Shine Australia, for broadcast in 2018.

The Wall is a fast, family-friendly game show, that offers ordinary two-person teams the opportunity to win extraordinary money by conquering the towering wall. They will compete for life-changing amounts of cash that can be won or lost in an instant, depending upon whether a ball bounces your way, or a trivia question is answered correctly.


  1. thedirtydigger

    Seven doubles down with a massive staging rig ( hey it’s just like Ninja but with slobs ! ) hoping for a similar outcome.
    Shine Endemol rubs its hands with glee as another sucker comes through the door dragging bags of cash…

  2. I would love to see a lesser known host or a female host for the Australian version.

    I’ve watched every episode of the US version. It’s somewhat addictive, but the format could be improved. For me, the problems are that they focus too much on the contestants’ back stories and there isn’t enough focus on game play. The other thing is that the ”coming up” segments make it painfully obvious which questions are correct or incorrect, and whether they have doubled or tripled up. Ruins the suspense a bit.

  3. A relatively fresh face would be nice, rather than one of the usuals (O’Keefe, McMullen, etc). I agree with other commenters too that a female host would be refreshing.

  4. if this is going to be an Australian Show then why cant this be produced in Australia.
    my guess is they go with Darren McMullen as host but look at his cv since he jumped ship from 9 to 7- he hosted that music quiz show( dont know if that has been renewed or comin back) and behave yourself( well that was a flop). this will be another flop for 7.

    • No Australian network would invest in the cost to stage this show I reckon. It’s not a sure ratings winner at all in my eyes! If promoted correctly, will gain a huge debut and will wait and see how it goes. A bit of fun but for us, we lost interest! You must have a sad sob story so they can milk it…

  5. Would like to see Tommy Little on this. However, gave seen the first season and after the 3rd or 4th episode, you really start to lose interest. Fun format initially but grows very tired very quickly… and when you invest in it for an hour and they walk away with pittance, you kinda crack it!

    • Agree, I think Tommy Little has more range than he has shown on television so far, but it would be madness for him to go with another game show that would perhaps last only one season. His sports panel show did him no favours.
      The format here certainly looks interesting for maybe two episodes, but it’s basically random Connect 4, no?

      • absolutely correct. Totally random (although at times I swear the wall tilts becuase it’s all too convenient) and you will never walk away with the potential 12million as suggested. It is designed to win around the million mark (Most do not come close though). Tommy Little I just adore, he can do no wrong in my eyes. I enjoyed his sports show too..

  6. Oh no Seven, talk about burning a lot of money on a crappy format. The ratings in the US have dropped off significantly since this show launched.

  7. Jason Dundas had posted something on his Instagram story the other week that was a picture of Endemol’s office with a caption saying something like “please pick me” – can’t remember the exact wording. Could be completely unrelated, but interesting nonetheless.

  8. Suggestion for host – anyone but Shane Jacobson (Little Big Shot) or Shane Bourne (DWTS):)
    Surely Seven has a long list of names that are currently on its shows – and maybe a female host.

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