Returning: Hawaii Five-0

Hawaii Five-0 returns with new episodes next month.

Season 8 begins 9:30pm Wednesday October 4.

This season sees new cast members Meaghan Rath and Beulah Koale while Ian Anthony Dale, Dennis Chun, Kimee Balmilero, and Taylor Wily are promoted to series regulars.

“Fire Will Never Say That It Has Had.”
Comander Steve McGarrett and Danny recruit new crime fighter Tani Rey to join the task force. When diabolical hacker Aaron Wright releases a dangerous arsonist from prison, it is Tani’s job to help track them down and prove herself to the crew.


  1. Season eight?!?! I had no idea it was still going. I tried a couple of episodes of the first season, hated it and haven’t even noticed its’ existence since.

  2. Channel Ten could start the ball rolling streaming shows under CBS’s banner. Apparently CBS have long term plans for a global streaming channel ‘All Access’which has gained 4 million viewers in America and could start up here and in Canada. This will allow shows to be viewed on demand which is what broadcasting will increasingly become in the future anyway with the abundance of Smart devices.

  3. Hawaii-Five-0 failed in the US on Monday nights and ended up on Friday nights, where it’s very good for a Friday night show and does well. It never rated well in Australia, which is why Ten moved it to late night slots at the end of the week early on. It’s now in its 8th season, has lost key cast members and people don’t watch US shows much anymore so it’s never going to rate better no matter what CBS do (if the court and FIRB approve their ownership). 9:30pm Wed is a better slot but The Bachelorette and The Wrong Girl aren’t exact ideal leads in for a cop show.

    • Yeah it didn’t work when TEN moved it to Saturdays as well with Scorpion, MacGyver on before it either, or after The Living Room and Graham Norton on a Friday. Though I must say with the AFL and NRL finishing up this coming weekend, doing a block like that on a Saturday may well work without those on against it.

  4. One reason why it doesn’t attract more viewers is because TEN has moved it all over the place. I lost track of it on TEN and decided to buy DVDs instead. I have not seen season 7 yet so cannot watch new season yet. Networks need to realize that it is easy to lose viewers when you keep moving shows into new time slots. I agree, its an excellent show.

  5. Good to see this excellent ‘cops & robbers’ series being fast-tracked again and back in the usual time slot.
    But what a shame it doesn’t attracted more viewers.
    Wonder what CBS will do to try to improve the ratings of their successful US series that screen on TEN.

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