ACTF funds new Kid’s TV projects

New children’s TV projects have received script development funding from the Australian Children’s Television Foundation.

They are:

The Alchemist’s Delivery Service (animation)
Bogan Entertainment Solutions (VIC)
$25,000 to create an animated teaser, extended bible and one episode script.
Danny leads a band of misfits on a mythical adventure through treacherous lands and magical realms on a journey to rescue her kidnapped parents.

Kangaroo Beach (Animation)
Cheeky Little Media (NSW) by Tim Bain
$20,000 to develop the visual concepts, series bible and one script.

Pirate Time! (animation)
Fredbird Productions (NSW)
$19,565.35 to develop a series bible, characters and design.
Exploring STEM via treasure maps and island survival, Pirate Hamish and Pirate Ruby set sail on a comic adventure across the high seas.

The ACTF board approved stage three development for #Quirky from Sticky Pictures (NSW), to fund further scripts for a live action series.

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