Airdate: Cannonball

Seven has finally confirmed an airdate for its upcoming Cannonball series, a year after it was originally due to air.

It will screen at 7:30pm Wednesday September 27th (in Sydney & Brissy a second episode will follow on Thurs 28th).

The Dutch format created by Talpa was produced by ITV Studios Australia at Penrith’s Whitewater stadium last year. There are believed to be four episodes including both public and celebrities. The show was originally due to air after the Rio Olympics but has been gathering dust on the programming shelf. The success of family shows in 2017, including Australian Ninja Warrior and Little Big Shots, has encouraged Seven to make a dive, hoping it isn’t a celebrity splash….

Hosted by Ben Mingay and Tim Ross, with referee Rachael Finch, this fast and furious competition sees a total of 36 teams of two competing in high level water games for a chance to win two new Suzuki Vitaras and over $35,000 in cash.


  1. Please correct me if I’m wrong but my understanding of standard practise for gameshows is that prizes are not actually received until after the show has been aired. So does that mean the poor contestants on this have been waiting over a year to receive their cars and cash?

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