Airdate: James Galea’s Best Trick Ever

Magician James Galea appears in a 2 part series James Galea’s Best Trick Ever on ABC2 next week.

On a mission to discover an ultimate magic trick, this has been filmed in both Australia and the US.

With unique access to some of the biggest legends in the business (including those who’ve invented magic for David Blaine, David Copperfield and Dynamo), audiences will witness some of the world’s greatest magic tricks as well as the professional cheat moves and classified artefacts used in the closely guarded, underground world of the con artist.

Some of the people James meets do tricks that aren’t really tricks – they’re absolutely real. Like Todd Robbins who eats lightbulbs for a living and Anastasia Synn who nearly makes James pass out as she sticks a needle in her arm.

Plus, James showcases some of his own jaw-dropping tricks, some of which have been unleashed on unsuspecting Aussies, including a trick performed in Summer Hill which has to be seen to be believed!

Filmed in Australia and the US, never before has a show had such unprecedented access to the world of magic.

During episode one, James tries out a few tricks on unsuspecting Aussies in Sydney’s Inner West; visits a sword swallower; meets up with magic boy-genius Blake Vogt; learns from DOC, a master conman who has never shown his face on TV before; and stages an epic trick in Summer Hill, Sydney.

9.05pm Thursday 21 September on ABC2.

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