Airdate: Riviera

Neil Jordan thriller with Julia Stiles & Anthony LaPaglia begins on SBS in October.

In October SBS debuts new SKY Atlantic thriller Riviera created by the acclaimed Neil Jordan (The Crying Game, The Borgias, Michael Collins).

The 10 part series stars Julia Stiles (Dexter) and Australia’s Anthony LaPaglia. It also features Lena Olin and Iwan Rheon.

This premiered in the UK in June.

Beneath the postcard-perfect luxe, immaculate, glamour of the Cote d’Azur on the French Riviera lies a life tainted with dark secrets, dishonesty, crime, double crossing and maybe even murder.

Georgina’s (Julia Stiles) blissful life of Mediterranean luxury is torn apart when her billionaire businessman husband of one year, Constantine Clios (Anthony LaPaglia), is suddenly killed in a yacht explosion.

An American art curator for the super-wealthy, including her husband, Georgina was once an outsider to the dizzying world of superyachts, helicopters, fast cars and multi-million dollar artwork hanging in opulent villas. No trophy wife, she sets about piecing together the mysterious details of her husband’s death and secret life, which soon puts her in the centre of a dangerous set of people and circumstances.

Georgina finds herself intertwined in the art world, the last unregulated frontier for money laundering, and in the messy relationships of the Clios family. Constantine’s cooly elegant first wife Irina (Lena Olin – Chocolat), moody eldest son Adam (Iwan Rheon – Game of Thrones, Misfits), playboy and heir to the family fortune Christos (Dimitri Leonidas – The Monuments Men), and troubled, self-harming teenage daughter Adriana (Roxane Duran).

With comparisons to smash-hit crime drama series The Night Manager, Riviera is based on an original idea by Paul McGuiness, former manager of the band U2, and is an original series for Sky Atlantic.

9.30pm Wednesday October 4 on SBS.

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