Airdate: Spielberg

Next month Showcase will screen a new feature documentary, simply titled Spielberg.

The 2.5 hr doco from HBO looks back on Steven Spielberg‘s cinematic career and includes insights from family, friends and colleagues.

This will screen same day as the US.

One of the most famous filmmakers in the world, Steven Spielberg pulls back the curtain on his remarkable career more than ever before in the exclusive Spielberg.

The feature-length documentary examines Spielberg’s filmography in depth, revealing how his experiences fed his work and changed it over time.

Charting the evolution of this iconic figure, director/producer Susan Lacy draws on nearly 30 hours of exclusive interviews with the director, who opens up about his childhood and lifelong obsession with moviemaking, his precocious early work as a TV “wunderkind,” his rise to fame through an incredible string of blockbusters, his later forays into more serious dramatic films, and the personal and professional relationships he’s cultivated through the years.

Spielberg also includes insights from members of Spielberg’s family, as well as friends and colleagues, plus clips and behind-the-scenes footage from many of his milestone films, including Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Arc, ET: The Extra-Terrestrial, Jurassic Park, Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan, Bridge of Spies and many more.

Sunday October 8 at 9.30pm on Showcase.

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