Auditions: Australian Spartan

Those rumours about Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge coming next year appear to be true with a casting notice for “Australian Spartan.”

“The most extreme physical obstacle course is coming to Australian Television,” it reads.

“And we’re looking for super fit teams of 3 to take it on! Do you have the physical and mental toughness to take it on?

“Elite teams of friends, families, and co-workers must work together and push each other to their mental and physical limits as they race across specially designed Spartan courses, engineered to test their determination, endurance and will. Your team of 3 people will compete for the chance to win a large cash prize, to be broadcast on primetime TV!”

Teams of all males, all females or mixed gender teams can apply.

The rumour mill tipped Seven’s interest in this, with the network recently confirming a new franchise would launch next June.

Applications close September 29

NB: extended to October 18.


  1. It will launch June next year. The same time we saw Ninja Warrior this year. I hope that Seven don’t resort to the infamous “genre matching” they were into a couple of years ago where they produced almost identical shows to Nine and ran them in the same time slot thus cruelling ratings for both and putting a lot of people out of work in the process.

    You think that TV executives have learned their lesson about practices like this but they usually resurface when they get desperate, and programming against Ninja Warrior – the most popular program of the decade – would involve a touch of desperation.

  2. Oh no! Not another painful saturation advertising campaign from Seven. First of all everything was “after the tennis” and then Little Big Shots. Errrrrr.

  3. In the US Spartan is a companion show to Ninja Warrior. It’s shown on NBC directly after Ninja Warrior and is made by the same producers. I wouldn’t be surprised if channel 9 are doing the same thing and running them at different times of the year.

  4. Love this show! I run Spartan Races a couple times a year and they’re incredibly tough courses. I wouldn’t be suprised if TEN are doing this instead of Survivor next year.

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