Australian Survivor reunion to follow finale

Minor Spoiler:

TEN’s Australian Survivor live finale will take place on Tuesday October 10, to be followed by a Reunion episode.

Surprisingly the show will revive its 2016 finale challenge for the 3 remaining contestants, standing atop pegs, this time filmed in the evening.

The winner will be announced in Sydney, although TEN is yet to advise of any ticketing info for fans.

A reminder there is no show on Sunday due to NRL Grand Final on Nine.

Tuesday October 10
The final three wake up nervous and excited ahead of their final immunity challenge. The winner will get the ultimate advantage – deciding who they want to take through to the final Tribal Council giving themselves the best chance at winning the title of sole survivor and $500,000 in prize money.

The epic hand on idol challenge returns. The contestants must perch atop pegs with one hand touching the idol, but this year the final challenge is held at night in the dark with the powerful waves continually crashing into the contestants as the tide rises. Hours pass and the waves get bigger and more explosive as the weather gets colder. After a marathon challenge one contestant is left standing.

Decision made on whom the challenge winner will take to Tribal Council, the final two answer questions from the jury and sell their pitch on why they should become the sole survivor for 2017. The votes cast, the entire cast travel to Sydney where the winner is announced.

9pm Reunion
Following the exciting winner reveal to crown Austalian Survivor champion for 2017, 24 castaways reunite for an explosive reunion special hosted by Jonathan LaPaglia.

The reunion special takes a look back at the most memorable moments on the season and finds out what the Survivors have been up to since leaving the island.

Now that their game play and strategy has been exposed and secrets revealed, it is time to explain their actions and even settle scores.

What will happen when they all meet for the first time since returning home? Has the game playing, lying and manipulation ended, or was Australian Survivor only the beginning for these calculating castaways?


    • Likely to be the same as US… open with Live studio then play the final episode, back Live for the winner announcement & reunion. But I’ve yet to be confirmed it will be Live despite earlier statements.

      • So confirmed finale will be taped tomorrow night (KIIS competition T&Cs):

        b) Entrants must be able to attend the live (recorded) Finale/Reunion show, filmed in Sydney, on 6th October – 6.30pm – 9.30pm. Entrants unavailable to attend will forfeit their entry.

        That’s a bit disappointing.

    • There are a couple things they could theoretically do.

      They could make it a Jury of 9 voting between 3 Finalist. A two-way tie is possible (in which case 3rd place will be the final vote) but a 3-way tie is also possible which, while extremely unlikely, can make things messy. I hate Final 3s but they are a possibility.

      They could do an Australia’s Jury Vote, which will bump up the size of the jury to 11 (10 players + Australia). That is unlikely to happen here as they are pre-recording the finale. While it isn’t a good game element (that one Jury Vote is almost entirely dependent on how the contestant was edited), I like it as an interactive element to get viewers invested.

      The most likely thing they will do is have a Jury Nullifying power, as seen in American Survivor 32: Koh Rong. The winner of this power will choose a Juror to leave the Jury and not have a vote in the…

  1. Aus Survivor having a reunion this year is excellent! I am very happy with this news! This season has been fantastic with players like Henry, Sarah and Luke that came in to play the game hard and make big moves. Much better than last season with the Saanapu alliance picking off Vavau for months with no one taking any risks!

    Fans were asking for a reunion special and we got one! We blogged, they listened!

  2. When you get details of Audience tickets, could you let me know David. I called channel ten before the show even aired and they had no details, still the same yesterday. Your help is appreciated. Huge Survivor fan.

  3. This has been a terrific season, I’ve been hooked on every episode. However I am very nervous that there’s been no casting call for season 3. Last year, they announced it halfway through the season…

    • My info indicates it was announced with finale in late October and opened in late November. I think it’s reasonable to give network time with next management before presuming too much. The costs vs ratings is a concern but it is also a CBS brand.

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