Axed: The Mist

That was quick.

New US horror / thriller The Mist has been axed.

The Spike TV series, which screens in Australia through Netflix, was based on a Stephen King novella.

It launched in the US in late June to 1.2 million viewers but the Hollywood Reporter notes it could barely draw 800,000 viewers for the rest of its run.

The Mist, produced by The Weinstein Co. / Dimension TV, marked Spike’s return to scripted after scrapping previous efforts including Red Mars and the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced drama Harvest, both of which were picked up straight to series.


  1. ‘The Mist’ should have been made as a limited season show of 8-10 episodes, Steven King is mostly a short story writer like Philip K. Dick so as happened with ‘The Dome’ extended seasons are going to struggle maintaining a strong enough plot to keep some viewing relevance as all the mystery is being revealed. The problem is the commercial mindset of the American entertainment industry it will not give the go ahead for short season shows which means that those who like Syfy in particular will have to look towards Netflix and maybe Amazon for their entertainment which presumably will have a have a start, a middle, and an end.

    • I’ve heard mixed reactions. Never an average review either… it was either loved it or hated it. I won’t dabble in it now though following this news…

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