Axle Whitehead to host The Wall

Upcoming game show for Seven gets its local host.

Former Home and Away actor Axle Whitehead will host Seven’s upcoming game show, The Wall.

It features a tall pegboard with giant balls dropped into cash zones with couples for whom a life-changing amount of money adds emotional drama.

“While living in America I’ve become a massive fan of the US version,” said Whitehead. “The Wall is about giving good people, great opportunities. To be the Australian host, blows me away!

“Australia has never seen anything like this,” he continued. “The chance to win millions in one hour is going to have people on the edge of their seats, guaranteed.”

Brad Lyons, Seven’s director of production, said “The Wall is like nothing we’ve seen. Take it on and get it right and you can win big. It’s fun, unpredictable and addictive and Axle is the perfect guy to guide our contestants through the highs and lows of competing against this four-storey money machine.”

Seven has confirmed the show will film outside Australia. Versions currently exist in the USA, France, Canada, Germany and Spain.

It will screen later this year.


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  1. I see why they went with Axle. Good looking bloke with feet firmly in the US (where the show will be shot) thanks to his role in Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.) He has hosting chops courtesy of Video Hits, too. However I reckon The Wall looks like too much money spent on a flashy set to distract from a very dull game.

      1. Poland? It would be a weird choice if 7 has gone for that option.

        Does Poland even have their own localised version of The Wall?
        I would of thought France would have been the pick if the USA set was not available and Australia could not have a set of their own due to various factors.

  2. “Contestants are people who overcome adversity or struggle throughout life”, meaning the show will be more sob stories than actual game play. Very random pick for host, I never would have guessed, hope he does well!

  3. “It will screen later this year”?

    A. That’s a quick gap from recording and broadcast. Must be something for the summer non-ratings period. (Particularly December)
    B. What is the new franchise for Seven in 2018 then. We all must of thought The Wall would be it. Possibly this mysterious new quiz show format perhaps?

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