Bumped: Cannonball

This could be record time in yanking a show from its timeslot.

Sometimes it’s better to rip the band-aid straight off…

It only took Seven 2:16 hours to yank Cannonball out of its timeslot after sighting disappointing numbers last night.

Episode 2, due to screen tonight at 7:30pm in Sydney, Brissy & Adelaide, is now relegated to 10:45pm on Friday night.

A new Make You LOL special (this one with Tiny Tots) will screen in its place. Melbourne & Perth have Footy’s Funniest ahead of a Front Bar grand final edition.

Seven is yet to confirm programming for next Wednesday & Thursday night where Cannonball is still scheduled.

Thankfully there are only 4 episodes of the thing.

Melb / Syd:
10:45pm Fri Sept 29
11:0pm Fri Oct 6

I believe Adelaide is looking at Ep 2 11pm Thu Oct 5

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  1. Didn’t even know this was on last night, although I must admit I don’t watch much Ch7. Saw it on the EPG tonight so thought I would check it out only to find some footy crap – lucky I have a PVR cos there’s not much else to watch tonight.

  2. Dear Tex,
    Don’t forget “Naughtiest Home Videos” was not yanked off because it wasn’t rating – it was rating it’s socks off- but because one man didn’t like it
    And he owned the TV station showing it.
    I believe it was David Lyle who wrote Doug Mulrays’ quote the next day when he said he thought he was the only man in Australia to be pulled off by Kerry Packer!!!

  3. “This could be record time in yanking a show from its timeslot.”

    If you’re only counting shows yanked _after_ ratings were known. Otherwise, I think Doug Mulrays “Australia’s Naughtiest Home Videos” has a lock on that record 😉

    (Of course, there’s also “The Off Show” – famously yanked a 1/2 hour _before_ it was broadcast…)

  4. Seven’s own guide still has it listed at 7:30 tonight for Perth. I see enough idiots on the road to make me think that perhaps there are enough people in Perth who would watch a second episode.

      1. Thanks, amazing how something thats been in the can for the best part of 18 months didnt work! Surely this was always a lighthearted Sat 7pm family show anyway?
        Oh well, I guess plenty of kids will be up at 11pm during the week in order to watch the other 3…..

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