Cannonball bellyflops for Seven

Ratings: The bad news? Cannonball bombed. The good news? Not as much as Last Resort or Biggest Loser.

A nervous Seven saw Cannonball land with a bellyflop at 9:01 this morning with evidence that just 513,000 viewers tuned in for its water hijinks -fourth in its slot.

That pales in comparison to a Celebrity Splash launch of 1.31m several years ago for execs with long memories…

It was walloped by The Block on its best Wednesday numbers so far of 1.14m and a buoyant Bachelorette at 901,000 -it also topped the demos. But at least Cannonball debuted better then The Last Resort and The Biggest Loser: Transformed? Time to hit the showers for some towel whipping and horseplay.

From 8:30pm, overruns notwithstanding, Gruen hit the ground running with 793,000 viewers, up on last week. Doctor Doctor was also up, not far behind on 749,000.

Nine News, ACA & The Chase all won slots again.

Nine network won Wednesday with 30.6% then Seven 25.9%, TEN 18.8%, ABC 16.7% and 7.9%.

The Block (1.14m) was #1 for Nine then Nine News (925,000 / 904,000), A Current Affair (782,000), Doctor Doctor (749,000), Hot Seat (468,000 / 301,000) and Embarrassing Bodies (283,000).

Seven News (921,000 / 920,000) led for Seven followed by Home and Away (716,000), The Chase (551,000 / 351,000), Cannonball (513,000) and Criminal Minds (358,000). Talking Footy was 230,000 in 3 cities.

The Bachelorette (901,000) was strong for TEN then The Project (571,000 / 338,000), TEN Eyewitness News (420,000) and Family Feud (333,000). Movie: Aloha was 234,000.

Gruen (793,000) won its slot for ABC followed by ABC News (704,000), Hard Quiz (567,000), 7:30 (563,000), Get Krack!n (379,000), Grand Designs (199,000) and The Edge of the Bush (164,000).

On SBS it was Railways that Build Britain (270,000), Look Me In the Eye (165,000), The Good Fight (148,000) and SBS World News (143,000).

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom lorded over multichannels with 227,000.

Sunrise: 260,000
Today: 256,000
News Breakfast: 98,000 / 44,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 27 September 2017

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  1. I’ve noticed on a couple of days recently, both the Today show and Sunrise, have been in the mid 200, 000s. Which means one of those shows has regularly lost close to 100,00 viewers over the past few months, as both regularly went over the 300,000 mark.
    Maybe 10 could look at re-entering the Breakfast show market?
    They could test the market this Summer. With the start of DST this weekend, Studio 10 could go live to all markets.

    5:30am WA
    7:00am NT
    7:30am Qld
    8:00 SA
    8:30am NSW/VIC

    That way, the 10 network don’t lose people who don’t want to watch a delayed broadcast, especially if something important happens. And with an earlier start in some markets, it means they’d be competing with the Breakfast show market.

  2. We watched it. It was amusing, but nothing to set the tv world on fire. It was quite fast-paced – I think they were trying to avoid complaints of being too drawn out, but it just made it feel superficial.
    Overall, a bit of innocent fluff, which will do when there is nothing else to watch.

  3. We didn’t mind Cannonball last night – seemed like the co-hosts were trying to channel Roy and HG with some of their comments. Tightly edited, good camera work (loved the drone shots). But I feel only having three ‘games’ showed a lack of versatility. But what the hell – there’s only another three episodes, right?

    1. I haven’t watched it completely, but it doesn’t seem that bad from what I’ve seen. Sure, it might not be the best show, but there’s nothing wrong with watching a harmless family fun show once in a while.

  4. Predictable. Viewers locked onto “The Block” are never going to miss an episode to watch a few clowns flinging themselves about in a tank of water. Reminiscent of “It’s A Knockout”, but not as good.
    I’m guessing “Border Security” will be back sooner rather than later.

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