Debra Lawrance wins Hell’s Kitchen and offers to split prize money

Actress offers to split $50,000 for charity with runner-up 'Gaz' Beadle.

Actress Debra Lawrance has won Hell’s Kitchen Australia.

But the former Please Like Me & Home and Away star offered to split the $50,000 prize money for her charity (Ovarian Cancer Australia) with runner up Garry ‘Gaz’ Beadle (Wounded Heroes Australia).

“Your awareness to detail is almost next to none,” Marco Pierre White said, before “nitpicking” over some of her dishes.

“I look at the big picture. You’ve had a fantastic evening.”

Lawrance, who was the front-runner from the first episode, paid tribute to the second-placed Geordie Shore star.

“Gaz has become a cook and has been magnificent under pressure,” she said.

“To see this boy achieve this….as a mother, I can’t imagine what his mother is going to think of him.”

The season final saw all the previously eliminated contestants return.

“I found you all terribly interesting,” said White.


But the ITV Studios Australia series struggled for Seven, underperforming in its timeslot and criticised for a lack of cooking skills.

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  1. Great work Debra! The only real celeb on the show (other than MPW of course)!

    I think Seven would’ve had more success holding off and showing MKR NZ instead given Pete and Manu are hosting it this year. Would have been a lot cheaper too!

  2. If I may be objective, I think Gaz should have been the winner given his consistent performance throughout the show. He (and Willie) definitely have surprised me in a good way. But it was also very gracious of Debra to split the prize money.

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